Friday, April 13, 2007

Yarn Pr0n Friday, Twinkle Soft Chunky, French Grey

to make this:
the Marilyn Jacket from Twinkle Big City Knits. I'll make a black and yellow one later if the solid grey one works out. You've all heard the horror stories about this book by now, but I really want this sweater.

Olga and I met Pam and Annemarie at StitchDC Georgetown at the Twinkle Party a couple of weeks ago. I recognized Pam from her blog and summoned my courage to introduce myself. I think we both freaked out a little! She was there with Annemarie and both of their husbands, who I think were both a little freaked out at what avid yarn lovers we all are! We met Svetlana and Amber at StitchDC Capitol Hill last Saturday and knit in the back room for a bit while we got acquainted. It's cool to other knitters! We loved Jess too, who works at the Georgetown store. She is enormously helpful and friendly and funny. I'd post pix but everyone of them is blurry.

Here's a late congratulations to Olga whose sweater will grace the cover of the new Sensual Knits due out early next year.

Congratulations, my talented friend!


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