Monday, December 12, 2011

Capitol Kaleidoscope, Le Metier de Beaute

I bought my Capitol Kaleidoscope after seeing on Best Things in Beauty.  There's a dearth of pink shadows in my collection and I can never resist purple!  The Capitol Kaleidoscope is exclusive to the Mazza Gallerie Neiman Marcus in Washington, DC.  

From top to bottom the colors are: 

Pink Tendre: matte pink

Peche Or:  rose with a hint of peach 

Taupe Satine:  taupe

Prune Veloure: semi-matte purple

I thought I would have little use for the matte pink, but it is much more subtle on the brow than in the swatches above.  Peche Or, which I thought was a dupe of LMdB blush Echo, is actually more pink than peach; it contains just enough peach to prevent that rabbit eye look.

Peche Echo

Taupe Santine, which I thought was a dupe for the one of the taupes in Le Circe is actually much warmer, a nice complement for Pink Tendre and Peche Or, adding a subtle golden sheen.  The Le Circe taupes are gray.

Prune Veloure is warmer/redder than the purple in Le Cirque.  It is not completely matte, but doesn't have as much shimmer as that in Le Cirque or Taupe Satine. 

Unfortunately I had to work when Erin Lockhart was in town to do makeovers, and I had little time for Michael Reinheart, Mazza NM's LMdB rep and the creator of Capitol Kaleidoscope, to apply the colors when I picked up the kaleidoscope this weekend, so I had to apply the shadows a Couche de Colours myself. The effect is a subtle, finished look that is perfect for the office.

Le Metier had a nice gift with this purchase, a generous sample of their eye makeup remover, which is coming soon, and a trio of eye shadows.

I believe the Capitol Kaleidoscope is sold out, but you can call Michael Reinhardt at 202-966-9700, ext. 2258, to see if there are plans to produce additional kits.


  1. Thanks so much for the swatches!! This looks beautiful-would have loved to see it applied on. Which kaleidoscope do you prefer-the Capitol one or Le Cirque? I am trying to decide which one to get......

  2. Oh, DEN, that's such a hard choice! Le Cirque is cooler and more dramatic than Capitol, which is warm and much more subtle. You might find the Capitol Kaleidoscope more versatile. There are more variations in the shadows, and depending upon your complexion, you could use Peche Or as a blush...

  3. Thanks so much for the comparison! Maybe i'll get both :) LOL!

  4. Let me know what you decide, DEN!

  5. Hi Ava,

    I just got the Capitol K and LOVE!! It's a gorgeous neutral palette and a departure from LMDBs usual offerings (which I love too, but a girl needs options, right?). I decide to pass on Le Cirque and ordered the blush kaleidescope instead. Can't wait for that! Thx for posting pics of Capitol which helped me decide........

  6. Hi DEN, I'm so glad you got it! I'm loving it more and more. One never thinks of purple as a neutral, but it really is, isn't it? Hope you enjoy the blush kaleidoscope, it's a brilliant idea.

  7. i love the peachy colour, its gorgeous

  8. Vivian, Few do peach as well as LMdB. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  9. I love the look of this but I heard that its not pigmented at all. I am glad it works for you though :) great pics!

  10. A Girl's Guide, the top three colors are pale, but they are very well pigmented. The palest pink shows up as pink rather than ashy silver on my NC45 eyelids and wrist, which you can see in the swatches. The plum is, well, plummy!

    I'm incredulous that the iPhone 4S produced these photos - thanks!



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