Wednesday, January 07, 2009


For me and for gifts.

Knitted Bracelets II

All but the one on the right made with cheap acrylic yarn, Vanna White and Red Heart, I think. Love the colors. I used the Lion Brand patterns for the center ones. The one of the right is knit with embroidery floss. Still need to weave in the ends.

Made this at Bead Obsessions tonight:

Pearl Bracelet II

It was a Wire Cuff class given by Roxanne Rash. She was a great teacher. The bracelet was deceptively simple to make; I plan to make another with different beads. I bought the pearls somewhere in New York. I have some left over. Maybe a ring is in order.


  1. oh my, you are so full of crafty goodness. These are beautiful!Happy New Year!

  2. That beaded cuff is LOVELY, the other bracelets are too of course. Nice to see you back around the Blogosphere, been missin' ya.

  3. Ava, the bracelets are beautiful!! I did not know you work with beads as well. Gorgeous!!

  4. Those bracelets are so pretty! I love the gold one best. And the beads--wow.

  5. Gurl I got so caught up in hunting down the LB bracelet patterns I forgot to come back and comment! LOL

    And I LUV the beaded bracelet too! You must do a matching ring! :oD

    Happy 2009 Ava!



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