Monday, July 30, 2007

Jaeger is going out of business! Of course by the time I found out about it most of the Matchmaker DK and Extra Fine Merino DK in the colors I wanted were gone. Some places are still selling it at full price, but there isn't much left of that either. It may sadden one knitter friend, who just tossed her fun fur, that Jaeger "Fur" is especially hard to find! There's some here. She may want to knit these Prada items:

Harper's Bazaar, July 2007

Hmmm, well, though I come around some fashions years later, right now these knitted suits are more my style: Vogue, August 2007


Friday, July 27, 2007

Yarn Pron Friday: Habu Bamboo - All Wound Up

July 26 2007 010

July 26 2007 002

July 26 2007 013

Habu Bamboo, XS-24 20/12

Thanks to everyone for your more than kind words about the Shapely Tank. Wish that I could thank you all individually, but you all know that Blogger can make that difficult.

Have fun with all your knits this weekend!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rosetta Skirt and Swatching

Half of the "Rosetta" skirt is done. It's the big piece on the bottom. I knit half of it on the flight to Texas a week ago, and the other half while I was there. I've accounted for shrinkage and gauge is spot on, but before washing, it looks alarmingly big. I'll think about that later.

Rosetta skirt and swatches

There are several swatches lying on top of it. Every time I get new yarn, I have the urge to cast on for a new project, no matter how many WIPs I have. I think swatching will be a way to satisfy that urge. I've really needed swatches recently to account for gauge of course, but also to observe shrinkage; how the yarn survives washing and drying; and testing for color fastness. I know you all know that, but I've been hard headed about swatching, knitting one once after the project is completed. Why have I had to do that? Well, my Orangina, which I never photographed after completing, is stained with some blue substance. I made it with Rowan Linen Drape and have no idea how it will hold up to various stain treatments. Notice the little lacy holes in the top swatch: I learned from someone's blog to knit a number of holes to correspond to the needle size used to knit the swatch. Clever.

Be sure to read this interesting Tim Gunn interview about fashion, Tim's new book, and the new season of Project Runway. I can't wait for it to come back.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shapely Tank Finished!

Another finished object!
Shapely Tank
Started: June 2006
Finished: July 2007
Pattern: Shapely Tank, White Lies Designs
Yarn: School Products Natural Fantasy Cashmere
Needles: US 5 and 6 circulars
Modification: None

Love the fit! But next time I will make the shoulders narrower. I joined them with a three needle bind off. I like the garter stitch around the around the neckline, arm holes, and hem. It's hard to see, but there are short row darts where the side seam and hem meet, creating a shirt-tail effect. There are also short row bust darts, which I am not certain that I actually needed, but there they are. Olga kindly offered to show me how to mattress stitch the side seams, then just did them herself! Thanks, Olga! But I did learn, and later mattress stitched the white sleeveless turtleneck. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, i.e. I didn't have to lay the pieces side-by-side on the floor and carefully stitch it. Instead, I matched up the seams on my propped up knees, then began. Once I got the rhythm of it, it was fairly easy. I hope to finish it next week.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WIP Wednesday: "Kusha" Shawl

I finished the Shapely Tank - pictures will follow. I've finished the white turtleneck too. I tried it on again and, oddly, it was longer than it was when I first tried it on! I don't know if I had on different under garments or what, but I may not cut it afterall. In the meantime I couldn't resist casting on for a new project and joining the new Habu KAL. So what else is new?!!?

I bought some Habu spiral slub at Stitches East last year and had no idea what I'd do with this green thread of a yarn flecked with tiny pink fuzzy stuff.

Habu A-172 1/14 Spiral Slub, color 5

So when I saw all the Kusha Kusha scarves and shawls out there, I knew I wanted to knit this thread with wool stainless steel yarn to make a shawl like this one.

I'm knitting it on US 6 Addi Lace Turbos and I can feel the stainless steel lightly, but ominously scraping against the metal of the needles, but I really need those sharp points to easily pick up the stitches. The first few rows looked like this:

Habu Stainless Shawl

The pink slubbies are more subtle in natural light and now it looks like this:

Habu Stainless Shawl

It is fun to shape and form it and mesmerizing to knit. I can't imagine that it will be in the least bit warm, but will be a nice and unusual accessory.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Altering the Sleeveless Turtleneck and Other Stuff

Originally, I thought I would cut the turtleneck, pick up the stitches then knit the 2-3 inches I need, but that gave me the willies. So rather than cut it right away I decided to run a needle through the stitches six rows above the ribbing, and knit down from there. I probably don't need that many but I wanted to give myself some room to cut and unravel. If I knit from the rib up I would have to kitchener a quarter of the way across the bust line. I thought that it may be neater to pick up the stitches there instead. With the sweater upside down I picked up the right side of each stitch then knit from there. (Sorry for the quality of the pix - the lighting sucks.)

July 3 2007 011

July 3 2007 013

July 3 2007 015

When I achieve the right length, I think I will knit onto the row just above the ribbing and then cut.

I'm progressing on a yellow top I'm adapting from a design by Twinkle.

Twinkle Yellow

The bottom half that will just cover the bust is knit in Cartridge Belt Rib. I will crochet the top half. There's no pattern that I know of, I'm making it up as a I go along.

July 4 2007 012

I did not knit a border at the bottom so as not to call attention to my hips and I will likely not knit sleeves and collar like the original because they will make my shoulder appear broader than they are.

I swatched the Artfibers Rosetta in an 8x8" swatch as Sahara suggested. I'm using linen stitch.

July 4 2007 015

I stretched the swatch, pulled it, and it resumed its original shape overnight. I washed it in warm water with a load of laundry, then machine dried it. The swatch lost about a half inch in length when wet, and a full inch lengthwise, and a half inch in width after drying.

July 3 2007 037

I'll decide what kind of adjustments to make later. I like the idea of being able to dry it, but I'm afraid of what will happen to the yarn after multiple dryings.

Have a happy and safe 4th!


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