Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Altering the Sleeveless Turtleneck and Other Stuff

Originally, I thought I would cut the turtleneck, pick up the stitches then knit the 2-3 inches I need, but that gave me the willies. So rather than cut it right away I decided to run a needle through the stitches six rows above the ribbing, and knit down from there. I probably don't need that many but I wanted to give myself some room to cut and unravel. If I knit from the rib up I would have to kitchener a quarter of the way across the bust line. I thought that it may be neater to pick up the stitches there instead. With the sweater upside down I picked up the right side of each stitch then knit from there. (Sorry for the quality of the pix - the lighting sucks.)

July 3 2007 011

July 3 2007 013

July 3 2007 015

When I achieve the right length, I think I will knit onto the row just above the ribbing and then cut.

I'm progressing on a yellow top I'm adapting from a design by Twinkle.

Twinkle Yellow

The bottom half that will just cover the bust is knit in Cartridge Belt Rib. I will crochet the top half. There's no pattern that I know of, I'm making it up as a I go along.

July 4 2007 012

I did not knit a border at the bottom so as not to call attention to my hips and I will likely not knit sleeves and collar like the original because they will make my shoulder appear broader than they are.

I swatched the Artfibers Rosetta in an 8x8" swatch as Sahara suggested. I'm using linen stitch.

July 4 2007 015

I stretched the swatch, pulled it, and it resumed its original shape overnight. I washed it in warm water with a load of laundry, then machine dried it. The swatch lost about a half inch in length when wet, and a full inch lengthwise, and a half inch in width after drying.

July 3 2007 037

I'll decide what kind of adjustments to make later. I like the idea of being able to dry it, but I'm afraid of what will happen to the yarn after multiple dryings.

Have a happy and safe 4th!


  1. Girl you are blowing my mind with techniques I never knew about!!! @ turtleneck.

    I am loving the Cartridge Belt Rib! I have never seen that before as ribbing. See I am learning new things from you!! :oD Can't wait to see the yellow sleeveless top! (We need you to make up a name! LOL)

    Intriguing about the Rosetta....but I love it in the linen stitch!

    Happy 4th!

  2. I'm totally stunned by the absolutely awesome work you're doing - not exaggerating here! Especially the yellow tank - my gosh, this is going to look ever so beautiful - and the techniques you're describing are certainly a keeper! Thank you so much for that!

  3. Good luck on that turtleneck--I know how scary cutting can be. Can't wait to see the yellow top finished--I'm so impressed at how you're making it up as you go.

  4. I cannot wait to see how the twinkle knockoff comes out - so far it looks like a great match!

  5. You sure have been a busy bee--Everything looks great--I love the Yellow take off on Twinkle...Good Work.....

  6. Hey there! Good idea about picking up the stitches and knitting; can't go wrong there, you can even try it on to see if you have the length you need.

    Thanks for taking my advice about the swatch; you may not have seen that much shrinkage in a 4" x 4" swatch. Now you can knit to the shrunken gauge, and feel good that if it grows a bit in the heat, you can just pop it in the wash, and dry it, and it will shrink back to it's normal size. I do this all the time with a lace dress have.

    If you're nervous, you can wash and dry the swatch again the next time you do laundry, but I think you're OK.

    The yellow tank is cute, even though I'm not a fan of Twinkle. I know it will look better on you!

  7. I looked at the yellow top on the model and thought the one thing I don't like was the bottom border as it seems bulky. Great decision. I can't wait to see your finished project!



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