Friday, March 06, 2009

YPF: Habu Cotton Nerimaki Slub N-46

Habu Cotton Nerimaki Slub N-46

Bought this at Stitches in a package with other samples. don't know the yardage or what I'll make out of it. Like other Habu yarns, it is beautiful.

I used my pizza stone for the first time ever. I've had it for several years and never used it for want of a peel. I discovered on a food site that you can line your stone with parchment paper, which enables you to slide the 'za right off the stone and it catches drips, making for easy clean up. Hurrah! Whole Foods had whole wheat pizza dough ready to roll out, and small containers of pizza sauce and other toppings. I topped mine with hot soppresseta, mozzarella, and some black olives and broccolini I had left over. The pizza dough was easy to handle, but I don't know if I like the whole wheat variety - the taste was too strong, i.e. it overpowered the other ingredients. Maybe if I roll it out thinner. Anyway, Friday will become pizza night, using the leftovers in the fridge.


  1. Just pretty in a pretty color! :o)

    Yay!! Friday Pizza nights!! Hope your weekend is going well Ava!

  2. Ava, I am glad to learn about the parchment trick. I had a pizza stone years ago, which I sort of ruined from the oil from pizza. The dripped oil from the pizza started to burn the next time I used the stone and it wasn't fun any more.
    I recently bought another stone just for baking breads. I have been using a pizza pan for making pizzas. I have a recipe for pizza dough if you like to check out.

    Didn't mean to write this long comment. Some years ago you visited my Korean blog, which I happened to check again today. I am glad that you are still knitting and blogging.

  3. Mmm... hot soppresetta on pizza. I'll have to try that.

  4. I have a pizza stone and it makes such a nice crispy crust. Good for you.

  5. Hi Ava,

    what a coincidence. I also have one skein of the exact yarn in the very same color... I might have to get more, it is so beautiful.

    Any ways, you were wondering about the yardage: it says 108 yds. and also: please double up yarn when casting on.

    Enjoy your pizza tomorrow night and best from Germany




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