Wednesday, July 02, 2014

My Hiatus

Are you all still there?  I injured my back in January. Between the pain and the meds, I didn't have the wherewithal to blog and was too fuzzy-minded to put up a post saying what had happened.  Soon six months were gone. I apologize for simply disappearing.   I've been in physical therapy for a while now, so I can stand and angle myself into positions to take photos again. The frequency of my posts will be scaled back for a while, but I think I"m back.

Instagramming has been easier, faster and dirtier than blogging: I don't have to compose much text, and the platform is more forgiving of photo quality.  You can follow my makeup (and food and knitting) posts @avaruth.

I got a bit of a makeup jump start last Thursday. Had to go to Manhattan for work and dropped into Saks where I ran into the  Armani dream team, Tim, Rhona, and Blair. I couldn't believe it because I've been trying to catch up with Rhona forever! So I felt like the stars had aligned just for me to run into them. They all kept me entertained (Tim kept me in stitches!) and Rhona gave me a lovely makeover. None of the new CC creams worked for me, but I learned some new techniques using some of their older products. I bought lip gloss, lip stick, a lip liner, and one of the fluid sheers, which I had not known how to use properly. I also picked up some Surratt at Barneys. Small, but lovely line.

I'll leave you with a photo of the lippies I've been using the most this summer.


I'll be back!


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