Friday, January 16, 2009

YPF: Yarn Love, "Cleopatra"


600+ yards of Tussah Silk in Toffee Colorway.

I don't know what I will make yet. It's beautiful, soft, and richly colored. I bought it at Stitches East this fall. I discovered the Three Irish Girls Booth fifteen minutes before closing. ACK! According to her Ravelry info the DC-based "Irish Girl" maintains the Three Irish Girls site, the Yarn Love site, and The Yarnista blog. The colors caught my eye as I walked by their booth. The photo I took turned out too dark to publish. I'll tinker with it. The "Girls" do brown, beiges, and turquoise particularly well, I think, but all of the hanks I saw seemed to be deeply saturated, and even the paler colors seemed rich, if that is possible.

Obama Sighting!

Obama visited the Inauguration Committee in the building across the street from my office last week. The Secret Service blocked off the street; there were about 4-5 black SUVs, about 6 motorcycle cops, and Secret Service agents prowling around. Hundreds of people went outside in their shirt sleeves despite the 30 degree weather, including me, or pressed their noses against office building windows to see him. The motorcycle cops were laughing at us! It was pretty funny, actually. And it seems to be happening wherever he goes all over town. Anyway, we didn't have to wait long. When he emerged, a huge roar and cheer went up. The cops made us stay a certain distance way - my group was just inside our building in the foyer, but when they pulled away to lead his motorcade, we all went outside. He took the time to smile and wave in the direction of all three crowds. I suppose you can't just walk by hundreds of people of every color and creed, military and civilian, old and young, waiting in the cold to get a glimpse of you! For the moment, Obama owns this town.

I had my camera but didn't think to take a picture because I was waving too hard, like the rest of the crowd.


  1. great post!.. I love your Tussah Silk, you know I have the same one. I don't know what I will make either. It was a great find.
    This is an exciting time in D.C., I am loving it:)

  2. :oD "For the moment, Obama owns this town" Yes I know the air is just electric right now!!
    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on inauguration!!!

    And you KNOW that yarn is just yummy!!

  3. Yes, how ARE things in D.C. right now?? I can only imagine. :-)

    The yarn is gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful yarn! Isn't it great to feel inspired and giddy about a president again? I think it's great!

  5. Just nominated you for Kreativ Blogger Award,, see my blog for details 8)

  6. Hey there Ava!

    Gosh, I missed your blog! Grrl, you've been on the move! Just one beautiful piece after another. I'm SO GLAD to be finishing up a last knitting commitment, so I can have work to post.

    As for that yarn? I'd be scared to make anything, the color is so fabulous. How 'bout just wearing the skein around your neck like a scarf?

    New York's a funny place. While folks are happy we have a new president, just as many are irritated, especially with Michelle. Too many damn wealthy closet conservatives here.

  7. Great post!!!I don't know what I will make either.

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