Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"Leave the Gun. Take the Cannoli."

Indulge me. AMC is running two of my favorite movies: The Godfather I and II.

Mermaid is moving right along. Here's a picture:

I've joined Cirque du Socks. The goal is to learn to knit socks on circs, or if you already know how, learn a new sock-knitting technique while knitting on circs, by the end of April. Decided to join since I'm knitting socks anyway. And I love that little button. Very talented and clever artist. I'm going to rededicate the Koigu I bought at Knit Happens to the effort. It's kind of boring knitting it in stockinette, so I'll add a pattern to the leg. I've been procrastinating because toe ups look complicated, but I've been mulling over the instructions for a few days now, so I think it's time to dive in.

I returned to knitting several years ago after a long hiatus, thinking it would be cheaper to knit a pair of cashmere socks than buy them. A couple of surprises met me: 1) no matter how long the hiatus, you never forget how to knit - it's like riding a bike; 2) it was much cheaper to buy those cashmere socks! So imagine my surprise (again!) when I saw a tiny little knitted shrug at the new Barneys CO-OP on M Street in Georgetown for $228. The pattern was a simple, loose knit variation of a cable or wave. The yarn looked like Karabella Margritte and felt as soft. Maybe 3 skeins worth, if that. Margritte is expensive but nowhere near $228 for three skeins. I know there are many things factored into the price of an item besides the cost of the yarn, but still...

Yeah, it was cute. Unfortunately, I was too busy fondling the yarn and looking at the pattern to notice where it was made. I Googled the manufacturer when I got home but nothing came up, and it's not on the Barneys site.

I'd like to think that a hardworking handknitter somewhere is getting paid fairly for her labor. but somehow I doubt it. Be glad you can knit these items for yourself.


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