Sunday, April 09, 2006


Here's an update on the Koigu Cirque du Socks and Mermaid. Thanks so much to Dipsy, Auntie Amanda, Tawana, and Emmie for their encouraging words, and to Saun for her technical help and knitting tips. I've made many socks, but these are my first toe-ups. I'm a convert. It's great to be able to slip them on my feet periodically as I work on them. The figure eight cast on was awkward, but I realize that it will get easier as I do more of them. The socks just zipped right along after I had 20 or more stitches on the circs. Circs are great for commuting since you don't have to worry about loosing a needle in route. When I flew home to west Texas for Christmas last year, I dropped a double point between my seat and the fuselage. I found the slender needle in a crevice. It occurred to me as I was trying to grasp it that someone might think I was trying to ignite my shoe, but I just had to have that needle! I'll travel with circs from now on.

Mermaid is still progressing nicely. Since my last post I've added another hem gusset and an underarm gusset. It's knit sideways in garter stitch, and I don't think it will need much blocking, if any. I just love working the short-rowed gussets.

The Filatura di Crosa Zara that I bought on eBay arrived! I'm going to crochet a Filatura di Crosa shrug/capelet to go with a black and white floral skirt. The Cirque du Socks will be done by the end of the month, so I hope to begin and finish the shrug in time for the summer season.

I'll get a lot of knitting done during tonight's three hour "TV Night" of The West Wing, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy. I'm so disappointed that The West Wing is going out with a whimper. I've waited for years for Josh and Donna to get together, but now that old chemistry is missing. And what's going to happen to Toby? Couldn't they have hired Aaron Sorkin for these final episodes?


  1. Your Mermaid is gorgeous! It's a pattern that I'd love to sink my teeth into, unfortunately I just can't justify the expense of the kit right now, and you can't buy the pattern sans yarn. I'm a dpn sock knitter, I've tried a couple of times to get the whole 2 socks on 2 circs thing down, but never have managed to get it to click. Good work!


  2. Love your socks, its so satisfying, no?

    I am using the Short Row Toe from the knitty article Wendy wrote.

    I just changed it from 48 to 40 sts because I have narrow feet.

    Can't wait to see more socks from ya!




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