Sunday, April 02, 2006


Knit all Friday night and good portion of Saturday on Mermaid. Pix to come later. I just wanted to see how the short rows formed the gusset. It's coming along nicely and quickly, not only because I've worked on it night and day, but also because of Amy's chart. Thank gawd for that chart! And thank you, Amy! I've got to slow down some (maybe work on a sock) or I'll be tired of Mermaid before it's even half finished. So between work and obsessing on Mermaid, I missed Flash Your Stash Day. However, I've seen most everyone else's and I feel better because I have a lot too. I'm not as organized as some - mine is beside the couch, under the bed, beside the bed, in my bedroom closet, in a tote bag, in a shopping bag, and in a couple of baskets. Forgot what I intended to make with some of it. But I'm keeping it anyway.

Thanks to Kittie for sending me the HTML code for a calendar. I just have to figure out how to insert it without sending my sidebar to the bottom of the page. I've spent just as much time tinkering with this blog as I have knitting. I'm new to blogging and do not know HTML. I've spent hours with it. As you can see I've changed the template and some text colors. I'd like to add a left sidebar and will change the name as soon as I can think of something I like. I'm building many new brain cells learning new knitting techniques and blog stuff and enjoying the process so it probably sounds strange for me to complain about having to come up with a title for every posting. What a pain in the ass!

Have to admit that I love looking at cat pix almost as much as knitting content. I don't have one myself, so my friend Niki sent me some pix of hers. Here's Serenity and Alexis. Aren't they cute?

While I'm on the topic of obsessions, I have to tell you that makeup is one of them. Right up there with handbags and shoes. I momentarily regretted buying some of the YSL cosmetics I bought at the Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show that I wrote about last month. Actually, I regretted spending the money. It sat in my train case for weeks while I debated whether to keep it. Put some eyeshadow on the other morning - I'd forgotten how lovely and subtle the colors are, and the mascara is to die for. The eyeshadow quartet is "Sienna," two shades of pink and two of brown. I bought Luxurious Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils in purple. It was a pricey indulgence but it's really PURPLE, not aubergine like most others. (As some of you know, purple is my favorite color, and red is the other purple!) It's dark enough to wear to a conservative office. It doesn't clump and looks incredibly natural. At least I didn't buy the $108 night cream they tried to sell me. Nothing against expensive skincare, it's just that this working girl has to make choices. After all, I have my eye on some Artyarns Regal Silk for the Annie Modesitt Corset Tank Top. Was there a knitalong for that top?

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  1. Thanks for your comment, Ava. I have to say we have the same obsessions! I loved the links to the makeup. Fun!

    Good luck with your mermaid.

    :) Annie



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