Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yarn Pr0n Friday: STR Pink Granite II

Here's the first Marble Arches sock, made of STR Pink Granite. I think it's the medium weight. The hand is very firm, and will likely be a very warm socks. I'm knitting it with US 2, 12" Boyes circs. The firm hand, my tight knitt ing style, and stiff needle cables all combine to make my hands hurt after a while. Still, it's a pretty pattern and fun to knit. I finally got the PGR heel down. Turns out I wasn't following the instructions to the stitch in my other attempts.

My Huge Swatch

I started my I Have Dream cardi last night with my new Addi circulars. (Thank you, Olga!) Unfortunately, I can't get the right gauge with the size required or the smaller circs, so I cast on with fewer stitches so that I at least get the correct width.

I don't like the severe roll that you see at the bottom. I made a swatch with one purl row to correct this, but at 3 stitches per inch, the purl row was too obvious. Given my experience with re-knitting entire sweaters, I've decided to knit the entire front left segment to see if I my adjustments give me the proper dimension, and to then block it to see if it corrects the roll a bit. If it doesn't work, I'll frog it. There's a bit of a roll in the picture of the finished sweater, but not this big.

Thank you all for your kind words about my MK cardigan!


  1. Ava, the Addi 12" circ has a flexible cable. I've been knitting my socks this way for almost 2yrs - love it! Let me know how you go.

  2. Love the sock colors. I really wish I had time for the "I Have a Dream" KAL...sigh

  3. Ava, I also recommend Addi Turbo for socks. So far, their cables are the most flexible and durable I have found. I tried both 12" and 16" and find the 16" length more comfortable. There's more needle hanging down by the sides but that way they don't stick up and get in the way. It's really a matter of what works best for you. Too bad Skacel doesn't make those tiny sizes in bamboo. I think their Addi Natura needles start at US size #3.

    BTW, I like the heel of your sock. One of these days I'll have to learn that way of doing it.

  4. great pix and I love the Michael Kors--simply gorgeous. BUT your nail polish is too cool!

  5. Those socks are GORGEOUS! That cardigan looks lovely as well. Congrats on the Addis, they're a personal fav of my! ;-D

  6. Oh how did I miss this!! Awesome!! Looking really great! Mine is still in skein form..sigh!

  7. I'm finally catching up and so glad I can. Is that a picot edge on the arches sock. It's beautiful and the heel looks fantastic.

    I hope you've had luck with the roll on the I Have A Dream.

  8. Girlfriend, tell me your nails aren't dyed to match your project. That is so FABULOUS!

    I do it on occasion to help me complete a project I'm in love with. And, since I knit in public (on the subway to and from work), I draw attention to my hands.

    I don't do green, though. :)



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