Monday, March 26, 2012

Mani of the Week: Dior "St. Tropez"

Well - it should probably be mani of the weekend.  The intensity of this color blew my hair back, and if I had meetings scheduled this week, I would have applied this polish to only one nail, admired it, then taken it off in favor of a subtler color.  It's more aqua than it appears in the photo.  I've described in a past post here, how the Dior formula is thick and gloppy, and dried quickly on the brush, and this bottle is no different.  Oddly, two thick coats applied over butter London base coat still left the nail showing through.  I just wanted to go to bed last night after I finished - I'll add another coat tonight. Still, I love the color, and will wear it on the weekends. 



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