Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kanebo Sensai Lasting Treatment Rouge and Lip Liner Pencil

Color:  LT 05 "Kurenai Nihohi"

Kanebo Sensai Lasting Treatment Rouge ($40) is one of my favorite lipsticks. It reminds me of YSL Rouge Volupte, but with a little less slip, and a bit more staying power.  It lasts from the time I apply it in the morning, through my morning coffee, and leaves quite a bit of color on my lips after I eat lunch.  It is as moisturizing as the brand claims.  The hues are a little different than those I've seen other brands as well in that they are a little bit more muted more subtle, if you will.  You can see the color range on the Kanebo site. 

The Sensai lip liner pencils are among the best as well, rivaling Giorgio Armani and Chanel, my two favorites. They are long lasting, and can fill in your entire lip quickly, if youre inclined to do so.  The colors coordinate with the lipsticks.  The liners sell for $32; you can buy a refill for $16 when you run out.   Take a look at the colors here.

 LP 104 "Shirafuji" and LP 102 "Kimomiji"

I found the blunt shape a little off putting at first but it smooths into a point, as you can see on the left.

The Kanebo Sensai Collection is exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman.  I originally discovered this Japanese brand at Barneys in Seattle, where it was being discontinued.  Upon learning that the line would no longer be available in the US, my friend and I bought a backup or two.  Months later during a web search, I discovered it at Bergdorfs.  I checked it out the next time I was in New York and was disappointed to find a very small collection of products at a tiny counter that highlighted their skin care products, a blush and eye shadow or two, but no Lasting Treatment Rouge lipstick.  The last time I was in Bergdorfs in January, I finally asked the sales associates about it and it turns out that they have a full selection of lipstick colors in a drawer behind the counter!  I realize that they have no room at their tiny counter, but it's really unfortunate to have one of the best lipstick lines out there (imo) stuck in a drawer with no hint that its there!  While the entire Kanebo Sensai Collection is available at Bergdorf's, it's only partially available online.  You'll have to visit the store or call to order the lipstick and lip liners reviewed here.  Don't confuse them with "The Lipstick," which is available online.

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