Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Project Spectrum, May

May 5 070May 5 051May 5 055May 5 054
May 5 072May 20 006May 5 052May 15 023
May 30 002May 30 003May 30 005Meridian VII
Scenes around Washington, D.C., Project Spectrum

I had too many WIPs - none of them green - to devote one entirely to this month's Project Spectrum. I suppose it would have helped if I had green yarn stashed, but I wasn't inclined to look at green yarn. That has changed. As you may recall, I bought pale olive yarn at School Products last week. I began this month's exercise tooling around with camera in tow looking for people wearing green and not finding many. Actually, none. Washingtonians wear lots of black, and I do too because it's easy and doesn't require much thought. I discovered that we frequently look as though we haven't given it much thought, but that's another topic entirely! Anyway, the exercise is subtly enabling me to really "see" things rather than looking beyond them, and changing the way I look at them. I probably would never have noticed that green house before. And I suppose that is the object of this exercise, or is one of them.


  1. I was going to say, "I'm a washingtonian and I wear green!" Then I realized that I am wearing brown + black today, and I wore black + coral yesterday... so, nevermind. :)

    great pictures! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you, we are so proud of our son! I like your 'green' photos for project spectrum. (What photo program did you use to make this collage of photos?) The "Habu" store would have thrown me off, too, but it looks like you scored with some nice yarn!

  3. Hi Ava-
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your green pictures! I use Picasa2 free from Google to make my picture collages.

    Happy Blue Month!
    Amanda :)

  4. Thanks for the tips on creating the collage. I'll give it a try with Flickr.

  5. Lovely collage! Those are beautiful greens!



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