Saturday, May 20, 2006

Got my first my first Socks that Rock kit from Blue Moon Fiber Arts today. The colorway is "Fairgrounds." I was a little stunned by the vibrant colors because this is not a colorway I would choose for myself, but it's growing on me. The yarn itself is wondrous: it's really soft and I'm sure it will feel glorious on my feet. The pattern is Rock and Weave, again, something I would not choose for myself because I like a longer cuff, but I'm intrigued by the slip stitch pattern and I'm eager to try it. The kit came with a neat 3 ring binder containing a little background info about the club and the first sock, Cedar Creek; extensive sizing guidelines; a page for recording sock sizes for yourself and for those for whom you knit; and instructions for Rock and Weave. I need all the help I can get keeping myself organized! Oh, and a miniature skein on a keyring.

I swatched, washed, and blocked Hawaii Joy. I don't notice any bloom that I was told would appear. I'm afraid to start Pomatomus for some reason. Still really love the yarn and colorway. Maybe I'll just start Rock and Weave first.

I also bought hemp yarn on sale at StitchDC to make Mason-Dixon handtowels. Ann and Kay suggest using Euroflax linen in their book, but at their booksigning they said the hemp would be nice too and I loved the colors, so here's what I bought: All of StitchDC's notions are 10 percent off this weekend so I bought a set of Addi Turbos for sock knitting on my commute. Might buy one more circ tomorrow for Magic Looping. Did I mention that I bought several skeins of Phildar Cecilia on eBay to make turtlenecks in the fall? Then when I came home I discovered that Scout still had one skein of the gorgeous Rosalie on sale at Etsy, and I had to have it. Before you decide that I'm out of control, don't forget that I had a major knitting slump all fall and winter and bought absolutely NO yarn and knit NOTHING. Just making up for lost time I guess...


  1. whoa, I really like that sock from str. It's really a unique pattern and it looks like the yarn knits up gorgeously. have fun with it!

  2. What an unusual sock from STR! I do like the bright colorway too, very spring-y :) (Wouldn't know from all the rain here lately!)

  3. wish i could knitMay 22, 2006 at 1:26 PM

    i really like the bright spriny colors and the pattern too. can't wait to see how your sock turns out.

  4. Those sock yarns are beautiful & I love the mini-skein keyring idea.



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