Saturday, May 06, 2006

Instructions for My Short-Row Heels

Meridian House, Washington, D.C.

A couple of you have asked for instructions for my short row heel. I improvised it and didn't take notes, so I had knit through it a couple of times to reconstruct it. I'm a novice at pattern writing, so I hope my instructions are clear. Please don't hesitate to ask for clarification.

The heel is worked over half the stitches cast. All stitches are slipped purlwise. Work stitches tightly.

Row 1: slip first stitch, knit across to second to the last stitch, slip this stitch to right needle, turn.
Row 2: Move yarn to back, purl across to stitch just before the slipped stitch, ( second to the end), slip this stitch to right needle, turn.
Row 3: Move yarn to front, knit cross to stitch just before wrapped stitch, slip to right needle, turn.
Row 4: Move yarn to back, purl across to stitch just before the wrapped stitch, slip it to right needle, turn.

Continue in this fashion until you have 8-9 unworked stitches left on needle (10 -11 depending on your heel size).

End with purl row, slipping last unworked stitch to right needle, turn, yarn to front, knit across to last stitch before wrapped one, knit this stitch together with the next stitch through the back loops. Turn.

Slip stitch, purl across to last stitch before wrapped one, purl this stitch together with the next stitch. turn.

Continue until you've worked all the stitches.

There's still room for improvement, and I look forward to getting tips from you all!

I've never the tried the following tutorials, but I've seen them cited on a few other blogs:
Alison's (Blue Blog) short row tutorial
Wendy's toe up sock pattern contains short row heel instructions, and on
Good luck!


  1. Thanks for the directions on the short-row heel. I admit that I'm a little dense and don't quite understand. When you're working your way back out again, are you knitting the wrap with the previous stitch, and your previous post seemed to indicate, or are you knitting two stitches together, i.e., decreasing?

    I've done your toe, and I love it. Fits exactly like a backwards Stahl/German toe, which is what it is, essentially. Since I always used that toe top-down, I was very happy to see it toe-up. Duh, didn't I think of that before? LOL

  2. Dave,
    You knit the wrap with the previous stitch. The effect is to split up the stitch and its wrap. Does that make sense? Wish I had a webcam. You're not dense at all - I'm a novice at this, and given the widespread interest I've seen across the blogosphere in improving short-row heel techniques, I think this method is inherently difficult to comprehend without video or an actual class. I mean, I improvised because I haven't fully understood the many tutorials I read, or I haven't been able to follow their directions without creating holes.

    Glad the toe pattern worked for you! I reversed the row pattern contained in a set of top down instructions in an old sock pamphlet I have, using Bogie's KFB stitch increase method. I'd tell you who the publisher is but I only have four pages of it - the cover and the rest of the sock patterns are somewhere around here in one of many piles of knitting mags!

  3. Thanks for the visit. Yes, it's on to shrug #3. Nice to know that if I attempt a short-row heel again, I'll use your tutorial.



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