Friday, May 15, 2009

Waiting and Waiting

and waiting and waiting. And spinning. I won't bore you by whining how work has overtaken my life at the moment. I'll just say I've spent endless time waiting for callbacks and return e-mails instructing me on how to use the new travel software that was designed to make my life easier, but has actually messed everything up. And that's from someone who likes new technology, hard and soft.

I do like my new Bluetooth enabled Jawbone, one of those wireless earpieces that allows me to talk on my cell handsfree. (I have a new cell phone too, a Samsung Omnia, a touch-screen mobile device on which I actually spend more time texting, e-mailing, surfing the web, and taking photos, than talking.) I spun tonight while talking, I spun while watching Keith Obermann. After getting past the dreds in the locks - corny, but true - the fibers easily slide against themselves as I pull them into the spin. It is possible to achieve small moments of flow in a way impossible for me while knitting. While it's possible to achieve flow in any activity one does, I think spinning is the ultimate. I can imagine it's more intense on a wheel, because you don't have to stop and wind.

Spinning Locks

I hope to get good enough to spin this soon.


I bought it at Nancy's shop, but I want to be able to spin with some consistency before I touch it.

If I can get past the technology blocks to get an airline ticket, I will take spinning as my travel project. Maybe a sock to knit on the plane because I don't have the courage to spin in public yet, but I will definitely spin for at least a few minutes at night will I watch the news. I think the public has gotten used to seeing knitters in public now. I get smiles in airports now, rather than those "what the hell are you doing?" looks.

Back to sliding fibers, the locks make spinning silk seem easy. On a spindle at least.

No, I have not given up knitting though I haven't done since the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

And, no, you cannot have my yarn.


  1. I was just thinking about how you haven't posted some of your travels lately. Hope it gets easier soon. And I gotta check out your new phone!! :o) I am in the market but the iPhone is call me. All I know is I gotta stay with touch screen.

    MMh accruate observation about the continuous flow with spinning not easily achieved with knitting...sometimes. I am surprise you don't have a wheel yet!!!

    Giggle @ better looks from the public. I have to agree even though I do get a couple long stares every now and then still ;op

    Hope you are having a great weekend!!! Can't wait to hear about it!!! :oD

  2. Can I have some of your handspun yarn??? Be nice...

  3. When I get good at it, Chelette!

  4. Bid on there's an idea!

  5. When spinning on a wheel, you have to stop to move the yarn over the hooks to build up the bobbin, but it is more continuous. Which is a good thing, as you need to get up to live.

    I generally don't get too many looks at the airport. But most of my traveling is international; it's not a big thing in other countries. Spinning on the other hand in airports, I get the "why are you still doing that"? look from foreigners. They think I'm an NGO person. I have to remember it's a middle class hobby, for Americans.

  6. Spinning! Wow, I can only observe from the sidelines....I'm glad to hear that you haven't given up on knitting. For wool baby sweaters, etc., I like to use "Alpaca with a Twist" yarn. It's warm, soft wool for babies. Good luck!

  7. I am so happy to see you spinning! Go ahead and dive right in to that green fiber - I am dying more rovings now - so the next time I see you there will be lots more colors to choose from.

    I taught some of my daughter's friend to spin last weekend - I was amazed at how quickly they fell in love. They are now talking about sheep, and growing their own cotton.

  8. Ava Smith, this is Betsy Wright. Email me at I've been looking for you for over 30 years!



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