Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mom came to visit for a week for mother's day and I kinda got off of my knitting schedule. While we were out shopping, I crocheted at least 10 squares for the Filatura shrug - waiting in rush hour traffic, and during Mom's fabric foraging.

It makes her so happy! She's a seamstress and actually has more fabric than I have yarn!

I finished a Ballband Wash Cloth and started another and began a swatch for the MD baby kimono. I'm embarrassed to photograph the tons of Sugar and Cream I bought! I want to start a logcabin blanket but can't settle on colors. Should just knit from stash like Abi. Check hers out - it's really pretty. I also bought Patons Grace in taupe for Soleil. The yarn I bought at Elann for this skirt, Soleil (2 planned!), and for this cardi arrived, as well as Regal Silk for the Annie Modesitt Corset Tee. Acquisition photos will follow. Finally, I joined the STR sock club during the late invitation period (it's closed again). Don't ask me when I'm going to knit all these things.

No work on mermaid or socks.


  1. Hee hee, I love the blurry photo of your mom. It looks like she's racing through the store at warp speed--but with a lovely smile!

  2. Can't wait to see all your knitting. I joined STR this time around too, and got an email today saying they were sending me a package! Yay!

    Be careful with those dishclothes. They are addictive!



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