Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pomatomus, Finally!

What took me so long? I love knitting Pomatomus, the "P" sock. I'm using Hawaii Joy from Brooklyn Handspun. It fits over my foot, so with luck it will fit over the rest of my foot. The pooling is strange, but beautiful. They may become my favorite socks.

Pulling yarn from the center of the ball was very messy.

The yarn became tangled and knotted when I got the middle of the sock and I had to rewind. I'm pulling it from the outside now, but the skein is still incredibly messy. Center pull skeins are overrated, in my opinion.

And here's another submission for Project Spectrum, August.

Regia Patch Antik Socks, Project Spectrum, August

Yarn: Regia Patch Antik (discontinued)
Pattern: Generic Top Down, Afterthought Heel
Started: May 2005
Finished: August 2006


  1. Yay for p-word socks! Its my favorite, so fun to knit and looks so much harder than it is :) Looks like yours is going to be a great color too (notwithstanding yarn barf!) :)

  2. Love the looks of the socks; very pretty color.

  3. I love the colors you're using for your P socks. It is really showing off the stitches. Hate the trouble with pulling yarn too.

    The regia colors are so soothing.

    It's all beautiful.

  4. Ava, the color of the P sock looks yum! ANd the pooling is unusual, that way it makes it unique! Happy knitting!



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