Sunday, August 27, 2006

Preparing for Vacation

I'm joining friends in Tucson Thursday. I cannot wait. I bought a new camera, a Canon Power Shot A620, that I think I know how to use now. I'm taking two knitting projects, Orangina, and a pair of socks I spontaneously cast on this afternoon though I haven't yet finished the Pomatomi. (I'm avoiding kitchenering.) I just like to get started on projects I plan to take with me before I hit the road. I don't remember what the yarn is, it's something I bought from someone on Destash - Cash for Your Cash!

I think it's Cherry Tree Hill. I did my favorite Turkish Cast On, then improvised the increases - I have an innate aversion to following instructions. It looks kind of funky, but it will stretch over my toes, which will be in my shoes, so no one will see them. I probably don't need to take two projects with me but you know how it is.

I haven't started packing yet. My carry on will be full of electronics: computer and cords, iPod and cords, camera and cords, and a cell phone charger. I'm not even a geek. And no, I don't want to be away from all. Well, actually I will be away from it all most of the time: I'm going to a spa, so I will be working out, taking yoga classes and cooking and nutrition classes, getting massages and treatments, and spending the evenings with friends. (Cell phones are not allowed, but I'll bet with the advent of vibrating phones, someone will have one.) But it will be nice to check my e-mail and upload my pix (maybe) in I get back to my room. If my luggage is lost or if I'm delayed overnight in Dallas, I'll also have a clean t-shirt, change of lingerie, solid ivory soap, and solid deodorant, and red lipstick and sunglasses (an old French trick). Did I forget anything? Oh and a hat. Let's hope I can buy toothpaste somewhere. And I'll have my knitting of course.


  1. pretty! what is turkish cast on?

  2. I can't wait to see pictures! What a wonderful vacation ~ spending time in the spa!! It doesn't get better than that!!



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