Thursday, October 12, 2006

Michael Kors Cable Cardi

The two sleeves for the Michael Kors Cable cardi are done. I'll post pix later. I've figured out where I was on the left front (I think) and resumed knitting, marking the spot just in case I figured wrong. Here's my progress, the back and left front:

I've followed the instructions as well as I can, and the gauge is spot on, but I don't see how this collar is going to wind around the back. It's like knitting in the dark. There's no errata on the VK site. I hope I don't have to frog the whole thing. Anyway, I have to knit buttonholes on the right front, and I think I'll buy the buttons first so that I can knit the buttonholes to fit.

By the way, for those of you interested in Lizard Ridge, Got Yarn is selling a kit.


  1. I'm loving that cardi, but I can understand the apprehension about the collar. Thanks for the link at Got Yarn, gulp *laugh*

  2. Ava, this looks so exciting this color looks so right in! Good luck with the collar, can you tell me how many skeins of Zara Plus are you using so far for it?

  3. Oh wow, that is NICE. I hope the collar comes out all right.

  4. That is looking good. The first time I made a collar like that, it made absolutely no sense to me. As you get closer to finishing, you'll start to understand and see it better.

  5. Me again: You asked about that Lorna's Laces colorway. Not to get someone else addicted or anything (LOL) but it's LL Shepherd Sock Black Purl. I got it at yarn4socks (special for Socktoberfest participants), so check the link under "Charities Contests Specials" on Lolly's blog for a deal.

  6. I love it! That gal's outfit brings back memories of High School for me! We have a family picture where I had the same kind of outfit on ~ I was 17. Now I am 37. It is funny how fashion circles back around!



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