Friday, October 20, 2006

Wimp Ass Yarn PrOn Friday

Noro Kureyon, Colorway 95

Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock, Lovers Leap Colorway

(actually redder than appears in this picture)

Sundara Yarn, Grey over Periwinkle Colorway

Don't worry, I'll get the hang of this camera and its software!

Been knitting Lizard Ridge squares like crazy. They're addictive. I started another pair of socks but I don't like the colorway with the pattern, so I'll rip it. I finished Mom's Christmas socks, they're waiting for kitchenering. Haven't found buttons for the Michael Kors cardi. Everything else is languishing...

Got a makeover at Nordstrom last weekend. My favorite YSL makeup artist is leaving. Whine! She got job in her field of broadcasting, so good for her. Anyway, another makeup artist had this on: It's a long, black, v-neck cable-knit sweater. Kinda hard to see - click on the picture to see it closer. Looks great with the silver chain necklace, leggings, and boots. Maybe next season.


  1. Nice colors there! Is the STR all one color? If so cool, didn't know that they did that. Always love seeing other kureyon colors up close and the Sundara yarn, just gorgeous!

  2. That noro is really pretty & the sundara yarn is to die for!!! :)

    I love the make up artists hair cut! Too chic!

  3. Ava you look AMAZING! OMG if I could get a make over and look like you I would turn over my entire stash! Well...most of it any way! I say BUY the outfit, and knit some accessories!

  4. Oh, no, no, Karen, that's not me! That's the MAC makeup artist. Maybe another 15 pounds...

  5. Was her sweater hand knit?? Or am I crazy for even asking?

    Nice yarn, esp. the Noro (one of my faves).

  6. The colors are just beautiful. I'll bet you had fun with the makeover - I always like to play in those colors too.*smile*

  7. I love the yarn pictures. Yummy!

    But stay away from leggings! Unless you're going to an 80's theme party.


  8. Gorgeous... thank you for the pics! Congratulations on your stash enhancements, i-c-r-a-v-e-m-o-r-e yaaarn! Is lizard ridge big already? I really love those waves, I wish I could incorporate them in some of my future knits.



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