Saturday, October 07, 2006

Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

Another pair of socks completed.

Pattern: Anastasia (PDF), by Pepperknit

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill, can't find the ballband, so I don't know the colorway

Needles: Two Addi Turbo 16" Circs, US 1

Modifications: I used the Lana Grossa Jojo short-row heel (PDF) instead of Wendy's as written in the pattern. Still not entirely pleased with it. This pattern requires EZ's sewn bind off, which I loved. It's easy and relaxing to do and much stretchier than my usual. I used the Turkish cast on. I loved knitting these socks. I have a lot of yarn leftover. I may re-knit them with the extra yarn later.

Third and Fourth Time are Charms

My third and fourth attempts at the Lizard Ridge squares were much, much better. The yarn in neither skein broke nor was excessively thin. I've memorized the pattern now, so this afghan might become a commuter project after all. These squares are addictive.

Addendum: The colorways are 139 and 95, respectively.

Thanks to everyone for all your kind comments about the Pomatomi! I'll respond personally as soon as Blogger allows!


  1. Damn! The socks look awesome. Great job! The eyelets open up so perfectly.

  2. Those are awesome!! I am about to start mine! Nice Lizard ridge squares too! :)

  3. Great socks! I'm going to do lizard ridge too, just waiting on the mountain of yarn to arrive (yay!) :)

  4. Those socks look great and your lizard ridge squares are a knock out!!

  5. Great Socks and I love the lizard ridge squares. Glad to see you've got your act together and got back to knitting, LOL. Wish I could say the same for me. I started the squiggle scarf last week (frist 4 rows) and haven't touched it since. Am I a slacker or what? See you next week.

  6. Your socks are gorgeous!! I need to bookmark that Anastasia pattern.

    The lizard squares kind of remind me of pictures of Japanese shibori. I love Noro.

  7. The socks are so nice & the colors in the Lizard Ridges are AMAZING.

  8. Hi,
    I found your blog through the Socktoberfest list...
    Your socks look wonderful!! All your knitting is VERY nice! I will have to try these socks now since yours look so very nice.

  9. Those socks look great! You are such a sock machine! Sorry you didn't like the heel. I just tried the misocrafty link I sent you & I love the way it turned out!!

    I second the turkish cast on bit. It's the best!

  10. very nice socks, and i love the Lizard Ridge squares too!

  11. OMG do you knit 24/7 or what! These socks are beautiful - Question: How many pairs do you knit a week (I feel like SUCH a slacker!).

  12. Those socks look Great!!!

  13. I'm excited to watch your lizard ridge squares grow -- what you have so far is beautiful!

  14. Wow! You are knitting up a breeze! I gotta say, I CAN'T WAIT to see the afgan and the cardi finished.
    That afghan especially, is gonna be a smoker!



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