Sunday, October 29, 2006

Buttons, Socks and Pins

Olga and I went yarn and button shopping yesterday. I'll show you the yarn Friday. I found the perfect buttons for the Michael Kors cable cardi at Aylin's:

Sleeves, back, and left front finished, I can now start the right front. Wish me luck.

It was nice to have company while prowling yarn shops, especially with such accomplished company. Olga is a designer and has great ideas and suggestions. She convinced me to buy some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed (it's purple, so I was an easy sell!) for a pair of gloves, and suggested an interesting design. She even turned me on to this great Japanese ice cream.
We got it at Trader Joe's. Each small serving, about two tablespoons, is covered in a chewy dough. The flavor pictured here is green tea and it's delish. The chocolate is even better.

I finished the first Flow Motion sock last night. I think I'll have enough yarn to make the leg longer than the pattern calls for, so I'll cast on the second sock from the center pull when my second set of Addi US3s arrive, then knit each one until the yarn runs out. It was hard to take pix that properly show the instep design and the heel flap. (Click each picture for a better view.) Now I appreciate the strange angle of the shot in VK.

I love the pattern on the leg and appreciate the ingenuity of the design, but, you know, it's not exactly a fun knit. Though Pomatomus didn't have a memorizable pattern, watching the pattern evolve produced a certain hypnotic effect, while knitting Flow Motion does not. Perhaps that is because the pattern isn't evident while you're knitting, thus you don't get the same sense of accomplishment as you progress. The best part of knitting this sock was the heel flap because you don't have to pick up stitches. I pick up stitches just fine actually, I just don't like to do it. I always fret when the picked up stitches aren't even, rip and pick them up again, though it's just a sock heel that no one is likely to see. I hope I don't develop second sock syndrome.

Thanks to fellow blogger Bekka, who sent me this beautiful flower pin!

It's simply gorgeous!


  1. Your sock is gorgeous! Which issue of VK is it from? I'd love to make a pair for myself.


  2. can you tell me what VK the Michael Kors pattern for the cabled cardi is in? Thanks!

  3. The buttons are beautiful...good luck in finishing. The sock is very nice, but I understand about the pattern thing. Pretty flower pin, Becka! The colors are so nice together.

  4. I love those finish them and get the needles out!

  5. Oh, Ava, I love the way your socks coming out, the color is sooo cute! So is the pin! We need to have such fun days more often, one knitting mind is good, but two knitting minds creates a revolution!

  6. The socks are really lovely!

    Hey I've tried that ice cream and I've got to say it is an acquired taste. Maybe I need to try the chocolate. ;-)

  7. Great progress on the Michael Coors cardi, continued success.

    I love that beautiful sock but I'm sorry it's a pain to knit.

    Beautiful flower pin and the buttons look perfect for your cardi.

  8. You better watch that Olga. She made me buy yarn too! :) I love the buttons and cannot wait to see the finished product.

  9. the stitches in that sweater with the buttons look WAAAY perfect. wow. I have to read more to see what yarn that is.

  10. These look so much better than in the magazine - nice color too!



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