Sunday, April 16, 2006

"Mason-Dixon Knitting" and Reflections on Sock-Knitting

Had a great time at Stitch DC Thursday night at the Mason-Dixon book signing. Ann and Kay were funny and entertaining as usual, and their book, Mason-Dixon Knitting, is really entertaining and inspiring. There are so many great projects in it, their own and others, ranging from clothing to items for the house, including the washrags! I ran right out and bought Peaches and Cream to make one. I'll probably start it as soon as I'm done with my Cirque du Socks. As you've probably seen on their blog, they brought a number of finished projects with them, as well as projects on needles for the audience to knit if they didn't bring their own. I thought that was cute!

(PostScript: Discovered after I got home that I bought Sugar and Cream instead of Peaches and Cream. I have a feeling that they are completely different. Does anyone know?)

The Cirque du Socks are coming along well and quickly. Got a lot done at the book signing. I'm pleased with the chevron pattern that I chose for the leg. I wish it had occurred to me to use the pattern earlier so that I could have used it on the insole, but they will look fine as they are. I will probably modify the toe a bit on the second sock. I will cast on 8 stitches as I did before but will try to make it rounder following Bogie's instructions.

What is it about Socks that makes us knit more than we'll need in a lifetime? Just as I was about to explore this question, I found Rachel's posting in which she explains it far better than I can. I would only add that sock knitting also allows you to master new techniques and experiment with patterns, thereby giving you confidence when tackling larger projects. Sock knitting can become an obsession though. I haven't worked on Mermaid as much since I started the socks. Even as I write this, my fingers are itchy to wind Hawaii Joy so that I can start Pomatomus socks. I'm even tempted to join the new Pomatomus KAL even though I have other projects in the wings. Guess one my lessons in life is to learn moderation.


  1. they're the same thing. :) you're set!

  2. Hi Ava, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. :-)

    The sock pattern you asked about is the latest pattern for the Six Sox KAL Yahoo group

    I would have emailed you a reply but blogger decided not to let me know you'd left a comment - bad blogger!

  3. I second what Jess said - the cottons are the same! I went and did the same thing after meeting Kay and Ann last week - had to make some dishcloths! ;)

  4. Jess, Lolly: thanks for advising me re Sugar and Cream! I won't order the Peaches and Cream now.

    Sue: thanks getting turning me on to Six Sox KAL Yahoo group. I'll join soon if the group is still open.



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