Friday, March 20, 2009

My First Yarn

I taught myself to spin on a drop spindle several months ago and finally got around to taking lessons at A Tangled Skein, realizing that I needed to learn the terminology, how to prep the roving, and how to ply it. I'm addicted. I bought some neon yellow roving at Woven Art last weekend where I spent a wonderful weekend knitting. More about that when I sort out the photos.

Romney Wool

Romney  Wool

Romney  Wool

The only thing that I know about the wool is that is "Romney." The name of the sheep, I think.

My teacher Anne, spinning:

Spinning at ATS

She is a great teacher. I'm looking forward to taking a class that will demystify spinning dyed roving. I'm always amazed that the roving colorways never look the same when they're spun. You're on Anne!

I made another pizza, this time with regular dough bought at Whole Foods. It has an excellent taste that I much prefer over whole wheat. As you can see, I don't attempt to shape the dough into a perfect circle. And huge bubbles formed in the edges. They had no affect on the taste at all. It was delicious. (I have a non-gluten ball of dough in the freezer - should I try it? I'm spoiled now.) I used what remained of the hot soppressata and cheese, and added broccoli rabe sauted in garlic. That's a keeper, though the taste of the soppressata gets lost! A heartier meat next time.

Broccoli Rabe Pizza

I stored the leftovers between the sheets of parchment paper I used to line the pizza stone, which the crust pristine in the fridge.

Broccoli Rabe Pizza


  1. :) look at your first yarn!! It really is great to have a great teacher! I found I don't have the patience for spinning :(

    Makes me smile that you luv making your pizzas too! Enjoy your weekend Ava!!

  2. you're on your way now!. The yarn is beautiful, you did a fabulas job. Now i'm hungry for pizza♥

  3. Congrats on your taking up spinning. I have a co-worker that quilts, one that sews and another one that spins. I marvel over their items but keep my distance from those conversations because of the temptation ! Out of all hobbies, I've heard that the spinning is the most addictive(and fun). I'm trying to hold tight to my wallet these days. What fun though ! Perhaps in the next year or so I'll get into it. Your yarn is beautiful.
    I find the shapes of homemade objects much more appealing than the typical, perfect marketed shapes. Looking at your pizza really made me hungry !



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