Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Though I've only posted for Yarn PrOn Fridays lately, I have been knitting. Here's the MK Cardi:

The back, front and one sleeve are reknit and finished. Half the second sleeve is finished too. I wish I had remembered to knit the sleeves simultaneously on one needle so that they'd be exactly the same. Next set.

Mom's socks:
I finally got over my disgust that they weren't the same size, frogged, and began again.

And the Lizard Ridge Squares:
I've knit about 27 squares. I only need 24 for the afghan, but they have become such mindless knitting despite all my previous bleating, that I lost count. I've put them aside in order to finish Mom's Christmas socks.

There are otherWIPs too. Like the Adrienne Vittadini diagonal shell I've had on needles for a couple of years. This reminded me of it:

This is scanned from a Bloomingdales catalog. Click on the picture twice to see the stitch pattern. (Have you noticed all the knitwear in the catalogs and magazines lately? There are so many cardis I love that I can't knit fast enough.)

I put the Vittadini project aside because knitting on the diagonal - the pattern I'm using at least - seriously misshapens it. I was discouraged because I couldn't tell if I didn't follow the instructions properly or if the instructions contain errors. I realize now of course that it may just need to be blocked. I'll give it another shot after I've finished some of my current projects.


  1. Oh good for you that you're back to the MK Cardi again. It looks great.

    That's one impressive stack of squares for the Lizard Ridge I can't wait to see it when you're done.

  2. Wow, that's an impressive stack of works-in-progress. I can't believe you had the patience to knit an entire blanket!

    Have you seen the Anthropologie sweaters? They have some really nice stuff, and it's expensive enough that it's worth knitting your own even just on monetary grounds (leaving aside that you can make it fit you and your tastes better if you design it yourself).

  3. I have noticed all the knits lately--I love it! I really can't wait to see Lizard Ridge finished; that is such a beautiful pattern to me.

    And I really can't wait to see your cardi!

  4. Glad to see the cardi is back on the front bunner again. I can't wait to see the finished afghan. The colors on the square are great. If only I could be delivered from this knitting funk I've gotten stuck in. It will be summer before Mom gets her poncho and socks I've promised her.

  5. All of your work looks great....I love your color selection.I admire you for starting over with those socks.

  6. Ava, I smell a HUGE seaming and dressforming party when I am back next week!
    I am so ready to be back =)
    Miss you!
    Hugs, Olga

  7. I can't wait to see your afghan when it's done. What a pretty stack of squares.

  8. Wow! Those are way more than impressive than regular yarn pr0n.

    The finished projects will be beautiful. you almost have enough square to make your Lizard Ridge and extra row wide!

  9. Remarkable projects.
    The MK Cardi is very designer-ish. I've noticed Rick Owens is doing lots and lots of cables... x



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