Friday, October 26, 2007

YPF: Watershed

70 percent Merino/30percent Seacell

Oct. 25 022

Oct. 25 016

Oct. 25 019

Oct. 25 018

Hand dyed by Karida, owner of the Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Oct. 25 004

A portion of the sale of each skein goes to the Anacostia Watershed Society, a non-profit that works to clean up the Anacostia River.

I bought it at a party last night that Knit Happens hosted for Karida. As you can see they sold tons of the yarn, and it's no wonder. It's soft and the colors are luscious!

Oct. 25 002


  1. Delurking to say wow- those skeins are gorgeous.

  2. I love the first yarn colorway. It's so rich in colors.
    I almost went to KnitHappens while we were in the area a few weeks back! I am kicking myself now. Looks like a nice selection:)

  3. Very nice. You know the purples just call to me.

    And looks like it was good time too!

  4. Oh, man. I was hoping to make it to the party, but I'm out of town. Looks like a blast, and that is some GORGEOUS yarn!

  5. Sorry I missed this event. My friend Jillsey invited me, so I know she was there too. I did get some of Karida's yarn already, I just need to get busy and start my project. Great pictures as usual.I love the one you took of Karida,,thanks.

  6. oh my, that stuff is sooo gorgeous! i've missed out on too much of your blog. it definitely sounds like a fantastic cause to donate money to in exchange for equally marvelous yarn!!!

  7. Oh, that yarn is gorgeous. I can see why it went so quickly!

  8. Thanks! It feels good to have finished the baby sweater. Hey, great yarn acquisition!



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