Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Forgot My Slacks, or Shopping in Moscow

I tried them on, folded them up and laid them on my bed instead of packing them. When I was dressing for our Monday morning meetings, I realized that I only had a black skirt and the black jeans I traveled in. My trip was only a week but still. I needed slacks since it was getting chilly. My friends Natasha and Valeriy were taking me to dinner that evening so also kindly took me to buy slacks at Evropeiskiy Mall.

Natasha and me at Kiyevskiy Vokzal

Natasha and me outside Evropeiskiy Mall

photo by Valeriy aka "SnowHo!"

Evropeiskiy Mosaic

Wow! Evropeiskiy Mall is across the street from Kievsky Voksal, near the Radisson Hotel, for those of you who know Moscow. I had heard about the shopping possibilities that had cropped up since my visit in 2000, but if you remember like I do the Brezhnev era in the '70s when people risked entanglement with the police just to buy your blue jeans, this was really something to see. In ultra-modern Moscow today, you can get anything you want if you have the money. I bought my slacks at the British-owned Marks and Spencer, quite an out of body experience.

This fully-stocked grocery store, Cedmoi Kontinent (Seventh Continent) was a treat too. There are many of these grocery stores in Moscow and other major Russian cities. I visited the one at Smolenskaya Metro station across the street from my hotel. I like cruising grocery stores. We all have our idiocyncrasies! I spend hours at my Whole Foods looking at the new products. I got as many pix as I could before one of the managers kindly told me to stop.


Love the inclined moving sidewalk from the basement to the first floor. And the Christian Lacroix Evian water. I didn't get pix of the huge cheese, butcher, and liquor, or water sections, the coffee bar or the sushi bar. (There were sushi bars all over town too.)

Smolenskaya Station

Smolenskaya Station


  1. At first glance at the sign one would think you were in Paris...

  2. LOL @ manager telling you to stop taking pics. Haha!

    Oooooo Aaaaah @ Christian Lacroix Evian water bottle.

    Glad you got you some pants! :o)
    Luv seeing your travels!

    Hey! You should run for VP ;op HAHAH!

  3. Epp.... It always sucks when you forget a key item on the bed when you travel. I always imagine my cats snickering as they sleep on it covering it with long fur before my arrival home.

    Thanks so much for sharing the photos. The Evian water bottle is something to admire forsure.

  4. I love grocery stores too. Have you been to Krogers. I hear it's really nice. My favorite is Southern Seasons. I wish we had one in this area. You did get some great shots. Moscow looks very interesting.

  5. They asked you to stop taking pictures? Too funny! :-)

    And a picture of Ava, what a rare treat!

  6. amazing what a little oil money can do... love the pics!



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