Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is Sarah Jessica Parker shorter than I thought? Was part of the skirt missing? Anyway, I think the dress looks better on Carrie than on the maniquin.

October 25 2008 006

October 25 2008 008

Westwood Wedding Dress, Muleh

Muleh Westwood Show

The rest of the collection looked better than the photos. My pix don't do it justice.

Vivienne Westwood Collection

Modeling Westwood

Other guests:

October 25 2008 018

October 25 2008 017

October 25 2008 015

and then this:

Not Westwood

not Westwood, but reminds me of the Torii's gradation cardi. Back to knitting...


  1. there is defiantly some dress missing. what happened to all that white bottom half of the dress? i love the dress as is on the mannequin though, it looks more wearable for the everyday person. we can't all be Carrie Bradshaw now can we?

  2. fabulous photos.. and your right that dress doesn't quite look the same.

  3. just a heads up...

    i'm coming to live with you until jan. 21st. i'll bring my own sleeping bag.



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