Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sequin Sash by essie

Despite all of the beautiful, bright summer colors due out soon, Sequin Sash is one of my latest faves.  I had it applied a few months ago at my salon when I had painful nail break silk-wrapped.  Not quite knowing what to expect of my first silk wrap, I thought this color would be the perfect cover.  As it turned out the wrap wasn't very obvious, so I could have chosen any color I pleased, but Sequin Sash became a fave. 

essie "Sequin Sash" (3)

essie "Sequin Sash" (1)

The formula is very thin so it took about three coats to achieve the look here.  The pinkish undertone is perfect for my complexion and as you can see it has a subtle gold sheen and gold flecks, just enough to give it some pop without being blingy.  I had difficult time finding my own bottle, finally locating it at a beauty supply shop.  Thankfully, Essie has begun to sell its products online

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  1. Hi!

    Your nails look fab!
    But if you're ever impatient, the first coat can be a solid color, close to your nailbed.



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