Thursday, October 20, 2011

Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation, Trench No.8 and Trench No.9

After my experience with Chanel Perfection Lumiere (PL), in which I learned that my complexion can fall between shades, I decided to test a couple of samples of Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation, (1 oz., $52) before buying.  Because the weather is much cooler than when I tested PL, and because this formula is supposed to hydrate, I prepped my skin with a light-weight moisturizer with SPF, but no primer, before applying Trench No.9, then Trench No.8, the two darkest colors.  I wore each for two days. 
I applied the foundation with a kabuki brush, switching to a foundation brush for under eye application.  It has a moderately strong, but pleasant scent that dissipates quickly.  Though it is sheer, the foundation is buildable, and nicely covered slightly dark areas, including under my eyes, in lieu of a concealer.  It dried down quickly into a natural skin-like finish neither dewy, nor matte.  It lasted the eight hours that I wore it, without any signs of fading.

Trench No. 9, the darkest shade, seemed to be the best color match when applied to my jaw, so I tested it first.   For reference, I match MAC NC45, Chanel PL Beige Amber 44 and Beige 60, and Le Métier Flawless Finish Foundation #10.  It darkened a half-shade after drying down (if that's possible) than my neck, but was the same shade as my hands.  I only needed light blotting in the T zone by noon, which, for me, is par for the course.  Thumbs up!
Trench No.8 was a tad too light on application, but darkened to my natural shade and blended nicely from the jaw line into my neck.   Perfect! 

Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation contains UV filters.  Because I tested samples, I don't have a box to reference for other ingredients, nor are they published on Burberry or Nordstrom sites where it is sold.  Cafe Makeup published a list here.  
Burberry is available at Nordstrom online and at a few of their stores.  I got my samples from Kristy Hoffman at the San Francisco Nordstrom on Market Street, 415-243-8500,

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