Wednesday, November 29, 2006


ARGH!!!! Mom and I visited the most charming yarn shop in Las Cruces, New Mexico, last week, and I took at least a dozen pix of the place that I accidentally DELETED from my camera. I can't express how frustrated I am! I've taken a few more pix since that I CAN'T UPLOAD to my computer. I'm going to have to take the damn thing in to Penn Photo along with the laptop to get help. It's just MADDENING. The only bright spot will be if I have to return it, in which case I will get a new one with more pixels.

The yarn shop is Unravel. It has a huge selection of yarn and roving(s?), two couches for knitters, and, a jewelry counter in the back. There was a collection of earrings made from very fine wire, which intrigued me. I had pix of those. There were a couple of knitters there, one with some yarn she'd dyed in a class she took there - it was yummy. Another knitter, Nora, frequently visits DC on business. I offered to take her on a yarn crawl the next she comes. Hope she'll call. I had pix of them too. I'll be going back at Christmas time, so I can take more pictures then. I'd like to go back for one of their dying classes too. After we left both Mom and I said simultaneously, "They were such nice people!"

I had pictures of my favorite coffeeshop, Milagro, which makes the best cappuccino in the country, of the sunset over the mesas, and - well, never mind. I'll stop now.

OT: I did manage to upload some pictures of an iPod vending machine in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.
I was incredulous that one can buy a $350 video iPod out of a vending machine! It contained a full selection of iPods, Bang and Olufsen earphones, remote controls and the full array of accessories that would be available for iPods in an Apple store. I'm always most impressed by the simplest of ideas, like Netflix for example. Brilliant. You could also buy a cellphone from Motorolla's vending machine. I didn't have time to find out how you get service started. Since I'm off topic, I have to tell you that I also scored pounds of Ethiopian Harrar coffee in El Paso. I haven't seen it here for two years.

Anyway, I'm done with cameras for the evening, even the one that will upload, so I'll post pictures of my swag later.

Oh yes, and knitting: I've re-knitted the back, front, and one and half sleeves of the Michael Kors cardi. I can't believe it. I have to say that the Filatura di Crosa Zara Plus has held up exceptionally well through all this reknitting.


  1. Sorry about the pics--I hope you can recover them one way or another.

    An ipod vending machine?? I've really seen it all now!

    You asked about my blocking board: I got it from either KnitPicks or Patternworks--it's not THEIR board but comes directly from the manufacturer. It was about $80 but I figured since I'll probably never have to buy one again, it was a good investment. I love it because it has inch markings all over, so I don't need to measure anything & it folds up for storage.

  2. Oh no. I'm sorry about your camera woes. So upsetting when you have special treasures on it.

    Would you mind providing an uneducated knit blogger with some info? What's swag? I've seen others mention it - but I'm still not "in the know".



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