Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Perils of Procrastinating

There are many perils of procrastinating, I realize, but this one is specific to the Michael Kors Cable Cardi. Besides forgetting how to read the instructions, apparently I forgot what size I was making! I forgot that I cast on 53 stitches for the front left side two years ago, and cast on 48 last night for the right side.

(Notes? What notes?!!? I've learned my lesson. I bought a little notebook for the kinds of annotations I failed to make. It also has pockets that will be useful for small strands of yarn or swatches, and graph paper for sketches. No more scattered notes!) I caught the mistake when I checked to see if the two sides matched. I've only knitted two inches and I can stand to practice my buttonholes anyway. Now to cast on for the sixth time - the first five attempts at buttonholes weren't acceptable. I know I should be practicing on swatch. It's too late now. Well, it's not, but I'm not going to.

This means I'm two stitches short on the sleeves too, both of which are finished. Fortunately, they knit up quickly, and I'm using Grumperina's no cable needle method, which makes the knitting go even faster. (Nik had a good tutorial too, but I couldn't pull it up on her site.)

I forgot to show you the Skacel purple lace weight yarn I bought on sale at Stitches East.

It's 100% shrink resistant merino wool. I got 1375 yds for $15. I'm thinking of Eunny's Print O' the Wave Stole (PDF).

And the Karabella Roses that the Karabella rep was giving away:

How could I forget a freebie?


  1. Well, well, well...someone else that makes knitting boo boos! Since we are doing a "true confessions of knitting prior to ripping" here is one to go into the Knitting Screw Up Hall of Fame:
    I went in for my Chemo treatment a few months back (for the Lupus/RA). Since the Retuxin would take about 6 hours I decided that I would start a sock on the magic loop. I meticulously finished the cuff and went directly into the HEEL FLAP forgetting, um, THE LEG! Whoops...and it looked SO pretty! At least you have two years of excuses...I just went into a knitting coma during an IV!


  2. I hate those knitting accidents. But practice is a good thing too. I had bookmarked Niks instructions on cables sans cable needle and I thought I would just pasts the link here but when I tried to go there my link failed. Guess that was the problem you had too. So much for my trying to help. Sigh.

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm thinking of working on Eunny's shawl too, but I don't want to have a big seam down the middle (i'm not very neat)...



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