Friday, January 26, 2007

Gloves are the New Socks

At least for me! I just finished the thumb and have started the index finger on my very first glove! I feel like I did when I could finally ride a bike without Dad holding the back. WHEEE!!! The holes created by the yarnovers and the not-quite-long enough thumb (don't look too close) are the equivalent of the wavering of the bike as I try to maintain my balance and aim the bike straight.

OK, I know they're just gloves.

(I will probably make fingerless gloves and mitts too. I thought they were interesting and most are very pretty, but not useful. One's fingertips get cold too. In fact the coldest part of my hands are my fingertips! But after walking into the 15 degree night bare-handed after my mani last night, I will probably make them just like everyone else. Ivete pulled a pair of mitts over leather gloves, which I thought was clever and pretty way to wear them.)

These are opera-length gloves that I plan to wear with a Michael Kors sweater set, cardi for which has 3/4 length sleeve. (Don't they kind of look like Frankengloves with all the needles and needle holders stuck out all over the place?) I'm making them out of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, my yarn pr0n this week.

But I don't think it qualifies as genuine pr0n. It's wool, but it's not silky. In fact, it's not even soft as the name would imply. It looks like an old rumpled sweater, and that's fine, except maybe it should be named something else. Still I like it for my first ever gloves, and it will be warm at the bus stop. And I got it cheap on Destash.


  1. Congratulations Ava! Yeey for first gloves!
    They look great and u were fast! I cannot wait to see them as an addition to MK Cardi! Amazing job, doll!

  2. The gloves are looking great!

    The pictures with all the needles and stitch holders and markers remind me of that Edward Scissorhands movie - Kind of an Ava Knititnghands!

  3. Frankengloves! Hee!

    And I like the Silky Wool pr0n - I love the texture on that stuff.

  4. It'll be much softer after a nice eucalan soak and air dry. I did my Swallowtail shawl out of it and that did make a difference. I think they look great! And don't worry about the holes in the fingers, you take care of those upon weaving in the ends. No biggie. Nice pr0n shots!

  5. You're making gloves, I'm so jealous. They're gorgeous so far, as is your manicure! :-) Love the color, of both...

    And you asked me what yarn I'm using for the Arctic Diamonds Stole. It's not laceweight, it's fingering. You can find it at the link below. Beware, it's decadent. But I felt like spoiling myself. If the link doesn't work, e-mail me at

  6. Forgot to add: the color I got is "Burnished Gold" & believe me, when it comes, pics will be on my blog.

  7. I love your finger nail polish color!

  8. They look great! I haven't tried them yet but my daughter wants a fingerless pair so I had best get on them...although at the rate I am going they will probably not be ready until NEXT fall!

  9. Hooray!! Your first glove. Totally cool. I'm using EL silky wool and love it.

    Wonderful pictures.

    Frankengloves. LOL

  10. lovely nails! i love the color on you. And your gloves are inspiring me to try my own!

  11. Great job with the gloves! I think most sock knitters enjoy glove knitting, especially once you see the fingers ARE doable. Last year I knit a couple pairs of glove and have enjoyed wearing them.



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