Saturday, January 13, 2007


Nona expressed an interest in the seaming method I used for the MK cardigan. I used the backstitch. I got the name wrong in a previous post. You can find the instructions for it in Interweave Knits Winter 02/03's great article on seaming, Perfect Seams, Part II. You can find an excellent illustration on the Thomas B. Ramsden Company, Ltd website. Just scroll down to Backstitch Seaming.

I prefer backstitching because the seams don't pucker when I pull the seaming yarn tight. The major criticism of backstitching seems to be that the resulting seams are relatively bulky and may be difficult to block flat. I can see that that might be an issue for fine gauge yarns, but I don't find the cardigan seams to be objectionably bulky, even when I tried it on. Here are pix of the wrong and right side of the seam attaching the raglan sleeve to the body with the backstitch. I backstitched for my version of Orangina, knit with Rowan Linen Drape (22-24 stitches over 4 inches), and do not find the seams overly bulky.

The author of the Interweave Knits article also says that this technique is good for seams that can't be matched stitch for stitch, and another online article says that it's impossible to match row for row, but I found that careful pinning takes care of this potential problem.
I've completed the seaming and now I'm weaving in the loose ends. What a tedious chore! I kitchenered the ribbed collar, but I'm not perfectly pleased with the results. The instructions simply say "weave open stitches of each collar together." Careful adjustment with a needle will probably help some, and though it will be hidden under my hair, I will leave these ends the last to weave in case I find a better method. Any suggestions?


  1. No suggestions, since I usually find the most painless way to seam if at all possible (even better is NO seaming), but it looks like you've got the right idea.

  2. Thanks so much for the information about backstitch seeming and the pointers to the instructions! I'm off to dig up my Interweave Knits from the pile and to give this technique a try.

  3. Thanks for the info. I'll have to try this method on my next project.

  4. Wish I had the knowledge to give a suggestion. But thanks for all the info here. Your seaming looks great!



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