Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chanel Mimosa 577

I passed on most of the Chanel Spring/Summer collection. I haven't seen the eye shadow quad, and I didn't need the bronzer, and despite all the hoopla and excitement about the new Rouge Coco Shine, I thought them unremarkable, the effects of which can be achieved by several lip glosses I already own. (I reserve the right to change my mind!) But I didn't leave the Channel counter empty-handed. I couldn't resist Mimosa 577, one of the new summer nail colors.


I sat next to a woman on a flight somewhere last year who had beautifully tanned feet shod in jeweled sandals with toenails painted yellow, close to the color of Mimosa. I bought Sally Hansen Forsythia and Lite, a similar colors but never wore them because they never had the same effect and look as that on the woman on the plane. As you can see below, they are not quite dupes of Mimosa.

From top to bottom:  Sally Hansen Lite, Chanel Mimosa, Sally Hansen Forsythia

Mimosa is a beautiful bright yellow with subtle golden iridescence, almost green, but not quite.  Lite is iridescent with a high gold sheen, and Forsythia is greenish yellow.

I thought I'd wear it only on my toes, but after a couple of days, yellow finger nails don't look so odd anymore.  Go figure.  Be warned that Mimosa is streaky. It took three coats to cover my nails evenly.  The British Beauty Blogger learned that applying it over a coat of Seche Vite top coat helps enormously.  My experience was the same.


  1. Hi, Ava!

    I love that yellow. Yellow makes me happy. :)
    And mimosa is the perfect name for that shade. Did you know that mimosa is the flower used in Italy on Women's day (March 8)?

    Thank you for visiting me after my 3-year disappearing act.

  2. I was JUST on the Chanel site and saw this color, though they didn't give a good bottle shot like this, and I wondered what it looked like. Thanks for this close-up! Your nails look great, and I really like the color.

  3. I finally got my bottle of 577 Mimosa! I like it so much! You have beautiful long nails and photografed the color perfectly. On my blog you can also see the other colors of the summerlook, because I couldn't resist the other colors too! And I combined it, like colorblocking your nails. But I don't have such great beautiful long nails!



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