Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nails of the Week: Chanel Khaki Vert and Mimosa

Inspired by Sabrina, I coordinated my nail polish today for the first time ever.  Apart from the year I wore purple glitter polish all summer, I almost always wear red on my toes no matter what I wear on my fingers.  This time I'm wearing Khaki Vert on my fingers, and Mimosa on my toes.  I have a feeling that it's going to be a Khaki Vert/Mimosa summer.  I love both of these polishes.  (What do I do with Riva???)  Chanel's Khaki collection is one of the best they've ever produced.  The aptly named Khaki Vert is my favorite and everyone else's, I think.  It blends in well with my wardrobe, and, oddly, works well as a neutral nail color.  I reviewed Mimosa here; including  application issues.  The Red Door technician who applied it to my toes today applied it evenly in two coats.  I'm not sure what base coat she used - I think it was Essie.  I love Mimosa on my fingers too, but I'm going in to the office Friday.


Chanel Khaki Vert

My mom and I had a spa day at the Red Door today.   Mom enjoyed her facial and mani/pedi.  I had a wonderful massage and pedicure, but I have yet to get a  mani I couldn't do better myself.  The technician didn't remove all the polish from the edge of my nails, didn't apply the new polish all the way to the edge, and filed my nails both ways.  Ahem.  The spectacular foot massage she gave me (and the fact that I can't see how well she applied Mimosa to my toes) saved her tip.  I'll fill in the edges before bed and apply Seche Vite top coat so that I have no sheet marks tomorrow morning. 

The complimentary makeup refresher was lackluster too.  There was nothing wrong, it just didn't make me look my best.  And while I apprepriated the service, I felt that the good energy created by a good massage, pedi, and re-done nails shouldn't be watered down by a so-so makeup refresher.  Nor does it serve Elizabeth Arden products well, which I think are quite good.   I had my own products in my handbag, but besides the Le Metier Peau Vierge Serum I asked the makeup artist to apply, I allowed her to use the EA products to see what kind of look she would develop.  I told her could be adventuresome but the look was still pretty dull.  She could have used more liner, more mascara, seasonal colors, and she didn't do anything to my brows!  Wish I could manage some of these people...there's a way to communicate with people while you apply product so that you bring them along on their makeup adventure without going too far.    Anyway, that's another post entirely.  What have your makeover experiences been like?  What do you expect from a makeover?


  1. Boy, I love both of these colors! I also love how you wore both.

  2. I find it strange––I've haven't been to a spa yet that gives good manicures and pedicures. It's as if they're hired as an afterthought.

    I'm not ready for the yellow with my skin tone, but the khaki is FAB! Gotta' get some by this weekend. I'm SO GLAD I checked in!



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