Monday, May 30, 2011

Hair Adventures in Seattle

I took a quick business trip to Seattle last week and after some contentious meetings, spent Saturday shopping.  I went to Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore; got my hair washed and blown out at Vain, a salon worthy of Lady Gaga; then took the ferry to Churchmouse Yarns and Teas on Bainbridge Island.  Oh, and Nordstrom's flagship store.  Funny thing, whenever I'm in Seattle perfect strangers seem to feel comfortable striking up conversations with me. I don't mind, it's just that it happens more frequently in Seattle than anywhere else.  A woman, originally from Washington, DC, complemented me on my hair as I was trying on shoes at Nordstrom, then sat down next to me to chat about life in Washington, then gave me some fashion advice.  (I took it!)  You'd think we were old friends!  She lives in Florida now, but has a studio in Seattle. 

My stylist at Vain was also originally from the DC Metro area.   Vain is located in downtown Seattle within walking distance of the hotels we stay in.  It first caught my attention a few years ago when they had rollers hanging in their window. 

Oct 16 319

They sell Nouba, an Italian cosmetics line that I like a lot, and cannot find anywhere else.  I always pick up a lipstick or shadow whenever I'm there.  It's great for many complexions, but because it is a highly pigmented line, it's perfect for women of color, i.e. the colors don't go ashy when applied.  Unfortunately, Vain is discontinuing the line because it's hard to get, takes forever for shipments to arrive, so it's hard to stay fully stocked.  I've found a few pieces on eBay and Amazon, but I've never seen it anywhere else.  Some of the online cosmetic sites used to carry it, as evidenced by the cached sites, but no longer do.  If you see it, please let me know.

Vain IMG_1378

This time a young woman was getting her hair and makeup done for homecoming. 

Vain IMG_1379

Her hair is held up with glue.  It's hard to see in this photo, but her eye make up was spectacular - the ultimate in winged eyeliner.  Her nails were painted in black and white stripes.  I wondered what they'd do with my hair, so I booked an appointment.  I didn't get a "do" like this, but a sleek  60's style, with the top back-combed for height, and a part on the side that accentuated unruly, spikey, gray bangs in the front.  I loved it!  The only thing I would have done differently before blow-drying my hair,  after applying the heat-styling protective agent, was to add some oil.  That's a priceless little trick I learned from a stylist in Tucson.  I use Kerastase Nectar Thermique, a heat protective product; and Oleo-Relax, an oil and anti-frizz product.  These products are pricey but just right for my hair - they don't weigh my hair down or look greasy.  My hair feels silky soft.  If you can't find Kerastase in your local, you can order it online.  You can earn 5% on your purchases if you go to Kerastase's site through Mr. Rebates.  (The link is a referral from me if you don't already belong, or you can go directly to the site yourself.)  Once you're at Kerastase, they will e-mail sale notifications to you.  I stock up whenever they have one.

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