Sunday, February 05, 2012

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor

Sorry that I've been slow to review the new makeup I bought in New York a few weeks ago.  Sabrina's post on Tom Ford lip glosses jump started me today, and I've used the comments I made on her blog as part of my review of Tom Ford's Brow Sculptor.

I love, love this product. The color, Taupe, is perfect for me. It's lighter than my hair color so doesn't look harsh, but dark enough to define my brows, and has no hint of red. The unique, self-described "calligraphy" tip makes for fast, easy, and varied application. Depending upon how you hold it, you can apply fine lines or broad swathes of color, and it covers any grays you might have. The sharpener screws out of the spoolie/brush end, and acts like a plane to sharpen the tip. I've used it everyday since I bought it and will repurchase when I run out.

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor IV

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor V

I also bought the Shade and Illuminate contouring and highlighting cream and two nail polishes.  Though the high price point was a factor, the surprisingly poorly lit counters at the New York Saks and Bergdorf  Goodman made me reluctant to buy more.  (I've read that some California and London counters are just as poorly lit.)  Neither store had skin care or foundation samples and that the sales associate (SA) at the Bergdorf counter was reluctant to make any for me. Finally convinced that I would not buy the foundation without wearing a sample for a day or two, she scrounged up a container from another counter to make a sample for me after she rang my purchases. I was in a hurry by the time I arrived at Saks so didn't ask for any skin care samples there. The promo photos of Bitter Bitch nail polish looked wonderful - I saw a beautiful muted taupe/mauve color in the promotional photos - but I didn't buy it because in Bergdorf's lighting it didn't look any different from Chanel's Vamp, which I already have.  I passed.   Perhaps I'll give it another look if the line ever arrives at DC counters and I have more time to step outside in the sunlight to look at it.  I hope we do get the Tom Ford line here:  some of the other products in the line look promising, but I won't buy before being able to assess colors in person.  The Brow Sculptor sells for $42 at selected Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks stores and online.

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