Friday, July 20, 2012

a Sephora in El Paso!

During our family union in El Paso last weekend, my aunts, cousins and I went shopping at Cielo Vista Mall.  On my way to the little Sephora inside JC Penny, I happened by a brand new stand alone Sephora store!

I don't understand what took so long. The ladies in El Paso love their makeup and they look good. I've always been certain Sephora could make a mint there. They made a bit from me that day!

I can't say they have brands I hasn't already seen, but the store was so beautifully laid out that everything looked new. They have one of the new and cool nail studios, another counter solely devoted to brushes, and one of largest collections of travel-sized products I've ever seen. I was also pleased to see the return of YSL to El Paso. One of the local department stores carried it but after inexplicably giving it the worst location in the store for years, discontinued it.

I've heard some complaints about Sephora staff elsewhere, but he El Paso staff was warm, friendly, and helpful. They struck the right balance of being helpful and leaving me alone to browse.

As I said, I bought a few things.

Reviews to come.


  1. woooww! The haul! waiting for the reviews.

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  2. Aaahhh Sophora! The candy shop for women!

  3. They let you take pictures of the store??? You can get sued for it.



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