Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dolce and Gabbana "Gems" Smooth Eye Colour Duo

 It comes with two sponge applicators, which I promptly lost!

Gems is a fabulous alternative to the usual brown, black, or blue smoky eye look.  These plum shadows don't look as though they go together, but they blend beautifully on the eyelid.  The lighter color on the left has the slightest bit of pink and purple sparkle, not really enough to notice from afar, but enough to give it some interest.  The darker shadow on the right is a deep plum/purple.  With a light hand it goes on sheer, and can be built up to a deeper hue.  I created a number of nice looks using the lighter color on the inner lid top and bottom, the darker color on the outer corners and as a bottom liner, and Chanel Or Rose waterproof liner on the inner lower waterline and below, blending well in the middle.  The darker color also looks great as a wide liner on the lower eye.  Done in black it would be too much, but in this shade it looks great.  These shadows don't need an under brow highlighter, but the white shadow in Femme Fatale makes a  pretty and subtle one.  They are long lasting, showing no sign of fading after 10 hours:  from 8am this morning until 6pm without a primer.  Like Femme FataleGems blends easily, and there's virtually no fall out. 

It isn't too dramatic a smoky eye for me to wear to the office, but I still didn't want too strong a lip so I wore the Dolce and Gabbana brownish pink lip gloss Praline  (discontinued, I think), lined first with a light coating of Chanel Brown Copper Aqua Crayon lip liner.  I covered the liner completely with the gloss so that my lips didn't look obviously lined, yet kept them from disappearing into the planes of my face.  Rock and Republic Bedroom was the blush of the day as well as NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in "Malaga."  "Malaga" is a little too dark for this time of year, but it wasn't that noticeable!

Gems was a gift from Dustin Lujan at Saks in Manhattan.  You can call him at 212-940-4949 to consult about Dolce and Gabbana products and colors, especially since the colors on the Saks website are not true.  Tell him I referred you.  While I trust him implicitly to choose colors for me, I wish we had Dolce and Gabbana here in Washington so that I can play

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