Saturday, July 22, 2006

STR and Shapely Tank

The new Socks That Rock arrived yesterday. I like the color and the pattern, but I wish there was more than 360 yards in the hank because I like longer socks.

The pattern is called "Hippy Crunchy," and is described as a "mesh" pattern.

I don't know when I'll get to them as I am in the midst of knitting the Shapely Tank. (And I'd better lay off those M-D Ballband washcloths!) Though my swatch gauge was spot on with the recommended 6s, when I begin knitting the tank it was too large. I frogged and used some old Susan Bates 5s and it seems to be OK now. The old Susan Bates have a better join, by the way. The short rows worked out OK, though I'm concerned that they may function as darts instead of creating the drape effect intended.

The yarn has little give and purling in particular is hard on my hands. Maybe the first attempt larger because I purled looser to compensate. Who knows?


  1. I notice that when I purl they are looser than my knits. Go figure! Your work is beautiful.

  2. Hi Ava! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I left you a comment in my comment box about your question on the lace socks' pattern. I didn't translate the pattern directly since it's not mine, but you'll find the link & some vocabulary for that from my blog!

  3. Excellent, love it!



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