Monday, July 31, 2006

July Project Spectrum, et. al.

The MDK baby kimono, bib, and burp cloth are not quite finished, but I wanted to post a picture for July Project Spectrum. They'll be done in time for the baby's arrival.

MDK Purple Baby Gifts, for Project Spectrum, July

Marce asked if I'd made anything with the yarn I bought in New York, so I've posted a picture of my progress on the Shapely Tank, which is knit from a pale olive green cashmere blend that I bought at School Products. This is the front and I've done as much work on the back.

I completely frogged my first attempt at the front because I sloppily made adjustments without annotation and knew that I could not make the back match. And by the time I got to the bustline I had 15 or so stitches too many. I don't know how that happened. ACK! I discovered a neat trick - for me, at least - I slipped on a stitch marker every 20 stitches when I cast on. Makes it easier to count stitches later on. I hope it fits or I'll have to frog it again. Actually, I think it will fit, but it may be looser than Soleil.

If I do have to frog, I'll have to put it away for a while and work on simpler projects. I'm up to my ears in MDK dishcloths - I haven't even bothered to take photos of all of them. I got these skeins of Elann Canapone (hemp) today to make washcloths. The two skeins in front are a beautiful dark brown that I'd like to buy more of for Glampyre's Orangina if I can get gauge, the middle two are white, and last two are black.

I'll be swatching tonight.

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