Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blog Change

I inadvertently changed my blog last weekend.  I wanted to install a label cloud and while tinkering I clicked on "upgrade," not realizing that I would lose data.   Further tinkering recovered many of my links, but my buttons are gone.  I suppose in this Ravelry age, not many of us are collecting buttons and badges anymore (are we?), but I wish I had mine back just for sentimental reasons.  They reminded me of the knitting contests I entered, the knit-a-longs I joined, the first knitters I met online.  Even the bars that showed the projects I never finished!  I know that as I read your blogs I'll find some of those old buttons and I will attempt to recover them.   I won't revert to the Classic Blogger - I've discovered that the newer version has many features I like that aren't available for Classic.  But I wish I had saved my old blog's HTML code before I started playing around.  Be warned.

Tinkering is easier and faster - and more dangerous - now that I have a new laptop.  I'll continue to refine this blog, and hopefully be as pleased with it as I was the last.

I am still knitting.  The shawl is stalled again.  The yarn that I thought was right, wasn't when I took it out into the sunlight.  I need the knit police here to advise me.  I have one more source to try:  Colourmart.  they make an interesting looking silk blend in a colorway called "Lemonade."  They've been out of it forever. 

Decided to check - they had one cone left!  I hope it will be a better match than what I'm using now.  If not, I know I'll use it for something else.  Priscilla made a pair of socks out of it and it was beautiful.  In the meantime, I'm working on a skirt from a kit I bought in Miami a couple of months ago.  Photos will follow later. 

Habu A-34 2/26 Cashmere, #1305

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