Monday, July 04, 2011

Chanel Les Ombres Quad Eye Shadow - Prelude

I went to Nordstrom to  pick up the three new nail polishes, and two of the new Illusion D'Ombre long wear eyeshadows - I hadn't given much thought to the new quad.  I tested the darkest color just because it looked purple, and to my surprise, it pulled a warm purple on my skin.  They often don't.  So this was an easy sell. 

It's subtle, and cool, different from the warmer shadows that dominate my collection. I thought it might be too similar to my standby, Kaska Beige, but it's much cooler. See the comparisons below.

I thought Prelude might be similar to Enigma too, but it's not.

The colors in Enigma are also warmer and have more shimmer. Prelude has just enough shimmer to keep it from looking flat.  All the colors except the lightest one have interesting turquoise sparkles in the pan that barely show up on the skin.  The lightest one has faint gold shimmer and appears yellowish in some lights, and pinkish in others.  Either way, it's beautiful.

Swatches compared
photo taken in daylight

I applied the lighter color on the inner lid, and under the brow; the second lightest over the expanse of the lid; the medium color in the crease, and used the darkest color as a liner.

I'll be using this frequently.

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