Saturday, July 09, 2011


I love British Vogue.  It has interesting style coverage.  It features the latest fashions, of course, but frequently features women who are stylish in their own right, whether or not they are wearing the latest or are famous. It has printed photo stories showing what real professional women wear to work, including shots of those women in their offices; interesting interviews of people in the fashion industry, and not just designers - they recently interviewed one of Alexander McQueen's design teachers. BV covers accessories extensively, and feature pages of cosmetics, though I have to admit that these days I've usually seen most products on someone's blog before it shows up in the print magazines.

The July issue is devoted to Ageless Style.  The best piece, in my opinion was "Civvy Street," in which Stella Tennant models new fall garments, which include "cozy knits" and corduroy.  I'm accustomed to seeing Tennant as a light-haired waif in more feminine clothing, so her darker hair, and androgynous style was a distraction from the clothes themselves.  Interestingly, BV has not air brushed the lines from Tennant's face. I don't think she has ever look better. I love the tousled raven hair, the life etched on her face. It's a great look for Stella - I wonder if she'll keep it.


I wasn't totally distracted actually.  I love the Maison Martin Margiela chunky double-layer knit below left, and the Michael Kors cardi on the right.


And the Burberry merino sweater left, and the corduroy suit right.


I love the general styling below, though I'm at a loss at what to call it.  Fur is faux.


The entire shoot reminds of me the 60s,  possibly the hairdo at right?


All photos from British Vogue, July 2011.

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