Friday, October 19, 2012

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Lipstick and Lip Liner

Like many of you, I have a few red lipsticks.  I only buy one a year, well - may two, but I've been collecting for a while.  Ahem. 

I purchased my latest acquisition, Fanatic Red, Rouge Terrybly Lipstick, by Terry ($49), at Space NK during my makeover a few weeks ago.   It is an opaque, true red, with no evidence of blue or orange. The texture is creamy with a bit of shine.  Its rich texture reminds me YSL Rouge Volupte formula I love so much.  I didn't have to re-apply until after lunch; there was a bit of stain left so that I didn't look completely bare.

I also bought a Crayon Levres Terrybly lip liner in Red Cancan  ($33) to go with it.  I had intended to write about these days ago, but when I looked at the boxes to make sure I got the titles right, I discovered that both lipstick and liner are plumping products. I never noticed any plumping during or after my makeover, so I decided to take an extra day or to see if they really do plump and if the lip liner is really water proof and keeps the lipstick from bleeding as stated. By Terry describes the lipstick's formula as
A volumising and firming lipstick enriched with the By Terry exclusive anti-ageing Lumilip Technology to rejuvenate and embellish lips. An extra-comforting and plumping lip elixir which combines rich colours and active ingredients with an anti-ageing formula that works to prevent thining of the lips.
I still didn't notice any plumping.  By mid-afternoon the lipstick had started to feather a bit; it wasn't severe, but made the lip line look blurred.  On the second wearing I used Trish McEvoy's Flawless Lip Primer, which prevented feathering altogether.  The lip liner doesn't fade during the day, and the lipstick remains moist at the day's end.  I haven't used these by Terry products to attest it their anti-aging claims.

The case is old world: heavy in the hand and the cap stays on with a magnetic closure. 
I give the lipstick an A+:  the formula is wonderfully creamy, color intense , and not at all drying. It looks moist without looking glossy.  I normally have feathering issues, so I won't consider that a flaw.  The lip liner is performs better than most of the others I have in that it is long lasting and the color is perfection, but didn't live up to its claim to prevent feathering.  So it gets an A-. 
You can order yours from Space NK or call Rebecca at Space NK Tysons Corner, 703-556-4569.  

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