Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lost my Knitting Mojo

don't know what it is. I've been working on these Pomatomus mitts and though I've looking forward to wearing them, I'm really sick of knitting them. I've totally memorized the chart. I can put them down for days and figure out exactly where I was when I pick them back up. That's too much. I debated making gloves because I'm going to have lots of yarn left over, but I really don't think I could make it to the fingertips. I'm using Sundara Superwash Merino "Black over Plum."
It's really hard to take pix of opera length mitts on your own arm.

In the meantime I've finished these. Like the gloves, I finished them weeks ago but didn't get around to taking photos. Too cold to take my socks off. Not much comment about the Marble Arches. You've seen a gazillion of them. They're made of STR Pink Granite. Not much comment about the Monkey socks either. I like them, but don't feel the love like everyone else. I used Sundara "Gray over Periwinkle."
OK, I know I'm starting to sound whiny. The new STR Sock club yarn arrived and it's beautiful! It's shades of purple (my fave) and green. So far I can't get shots that do it justice, but maybe by Friday.

In the meantime I'll leave you with these designs from Sophia Kokosalaki found on Style.com.


  1. The socks look great--and I agree, it's too cold to take them off. Why would you want to take off such pretty socks anyway?

  2. I like the socks. I'm envious because I don't have the patience to knit such detailed knits on small dpns.

    I just took a look at you WIP list. Do you still have all those things to finish? Is there nothing in that list that excites you anymore? Maybe ripping out some things and getting that monkey off your back will spark your mojo. You can use the yarn for a new project that excites you.

  3. I love your Monkey socks - the yarn is beautiful. I enjoyed knitting Monkey as they were so simple and fast!
    As for me, my mojo has disappeared too. I'm working on the Log Cabin socks at the moment but feel like throwing them out the window!

  4. are those the socks you were making when we met last time?

    regardless, they turned out super cute!

  5. Finally catching up with you. I'm trying to get my knitting and blogging mojo back after vacation. Your P glove is gorgeous. I have one and 1/4 P socks done. Really enjoyed the pattern but for the life of can't figure out why I set it down.

    Your finished opera gloves are beautiful as well as are the socks.

    No YPF? Your pictures are always so rich and striking!



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